Classroom Training vs. Self Study for CFA

Difference between classroom & self study training for CFA

comparison between classroom & self study program for CFA

The below questions can help you decide whether you are better off studying on your own or would benefit better in a classroom environment:

 Are you somebody who never had to be told to study, would study on your own and still do well?

 Do you have an above average grasping power and fast paced reading skills?

 Are you a visual learner (you need to read and see things to learn) or an auditory learner (you need to hear and listen to learn)?

 Do you work best when someone gives you deadlines or when you are independent?

Candidates, who are innately self-driven, prefer learning visually and independently and grasp new things fast, tend to do fine with the self study option. If these are not your strong points, you may benefit significantly with the help of a classroom training program.

Classroom Training
1. All topics will be covered in time
2. Complex concepts explained + Doubt clearing sessions
3. Peer interaction and benchmarking
4. Lots of practice / mock tests
1. Fixed time commitment 
2. Topics covered in a particular order
3. Fees to be paid