Risk Management Course

In risk management, one has to determine the existing risks and then handles those risks. It occurs all over in the financial world. 

This process is cyclical in nature.
Risk management involves measuring & identifying the risks faced by a firm. Risk managers either may be ‘generalists’ who cover many different areas or ‘specialists’ who concentrate on a single one. Some of the major categories of risk within the financial services industry are:
  • Defaults on loans extended by the firm
  • Loss in share trading
  • Losses on investment securities held for the firm’s own account
  • Counter party risk (another financial firm failing in its obligations to yours)

  • Risk management personnel develop, implement and enforce rules & procedures designed to lessen these risks.
Strong quantitative skills, analytical skills and eye for detail
CFA, Financial Risk Management; MBA from top B-schools
4 lakh to 8 lakh
Insurance companies, Investment companies, MNC’s with transactions