A day in the life of a Wealth Manager

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http://hiddenacres.ca/site/?m=high-acceptance-payday-loan-lenders-only Wealth Managers are a part of the world of finance and investing: they need to manage the wealth of their clients by performing advisory functions of investing and planning the finances by understanding the needs of the clients. Since their clients may come from all walks of life and from various economic levels, they need to give personalized service to every client.

  • Wealth managers typically start off the day checking for any emails or phone calls that need to be made to clients / internal teams.
  • They often have meetings lined up and may have to step out of the office to meet new clients / address any bigger issue with existing clients.
  • There is a lot of paperwork to be done usually pertaining to the transactions of clients, hence a lot of time is actually spent at the desk.
  • Internal meetings also take up a lot of time. Review of completed tasks, team performance, strategies to contact new clients, etc., may form part of these meetings.
  • Spare time if any, is often spent in trying to catch up with financial markets and other news. However, this is quite important since they cannot give effective services to their clients by remaining oblivious of the latest changes.
  • To build new businesses for their firms, they might be required to spend time in travelling and explaining their services to new clients. Preparing presentations, documents, etc., also consumes time of wealth managers.
  • Compiling notes of changes in the markets, any vital information, etc.
  • Spend some time for self-learning, any necessary IT skills, industry courses, etc. which will add to their proficiency.

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  • The starting salary for Relationship Managers and Product Managers in the Wealth Management divisions of large banks could be anywhere from INR 8L onwards. (These are usually candidates from top notch B-schools). Commissions are paid on top of this, which are as per the performance of the employee.
  • Smaller banks and financial institutions typically pay around INR 5-6 Lacs at the start (They often source from undergraduate programs).