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Career in Blockchain Technology: Opportunities and Challenges

enter Reliance Jio plans to build a 50-member team of young professionals to work on blockchain technology for JioCoin, its own cryptocurrency”  (Source: Livemint) Blockchain Technology is something that has already caught everyone’s attention across the globe and India is no exception. Does this piece of news ring an alarm for something big that is about […]

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Skills required to be an M&A analyst

http://hiddenacres.ca/site/?m=oregon-bond-loan-calculator Reliance Communications sells its assets to Reliance Jio Infocomm…. FlipKart buys stake in eBay India…. Vodafone to acquire Idea Don’t we all get really excited on hearing these news?  Most of us start following the happenings right from the announcement of these acquisitions, right? Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are some of the most interesting as well as important events in […]

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Tech Driven India: Careers in demand in 2018

http://condadotravel.com/?q=online-payday-loan-bc-canada Do you know what sets a successful person from a mediocre apart? It is their ability to identify upcoming trends in its infancy. In our previous post, we saw the career trends that defined 2017 and we also promised to keep you posted about the much in-demand jobs this year. 2018 is here and we are all geared […]

12 ways to make a financial model visually appealing

new jersey social work loan forgiveness Most of us think, a financial model is a dry subject of spreadsheet lacking aesthetic element. However, that is not true. To make it more understandable to the users, a financial model has to be visually appealing too. Reliability, Consistency and easy navigation are the three pillars of a financial model and to facilitate these, it must […]

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CA Vs ACCA, or both? Take your pick!

instant 12 month loans When we think of a rewarding career in accountancy in India, Chartered Accountancy is the first thing that comes to our mind. For the longest time, there was no contender for this qualification in India. However, the emergence of global accounting degrees and growing awareness have brought into light new age global qualifications like the […]

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Robo-advisors for wealth management in India – Opportunity or threat?

Ramesh, a private sector employee in his late-thirties, had been toying with the idea of making investments based on a sound financial plan. While searching for a good Chartered Financial Planner on the internet, he came across an app based financial advisory service. Having heard about this latest trend, Ramesh signed up with some skepticism. […]


Being a Fund Manager is seen as one of the most glamorous roles in the finance industry. He is the person in charge of managing the entire Mutual fund’s investments and ensuring that it is in alignment with the larger goals. The sense of power, success and the media coverage has lured many young graduates […]