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Financial modeling for start-ups Part II: Understanding the revenue model

http://hiddenacres.ca/site/?m=payday-loan-in-sacramento In our previous post we saw how Aparna, an entrepreneur keen on starting her online garment store, starts to understand the metrics of an e-commerce business. Aparna is all excited to learn about new things and now wants to learn about the revenue model of her online store. Reena explains her-“E-commerce is a broad term and […]

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What is Analytics Consulting and how to get there?

a loan in one day Business analytics has unleashed a whole new world to us and raised decision making to a radically different strata. Today informed decision is being made by slicing, dicing and scrutinizing the data. But will this analysis have any value if we totally ignore the business aspect of the problem at hand? No. Analytics consulting is […]

A Year after IFRS

instant online cash loans on centrelink IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards has simplified the entire accounting process for companies across regions and countries. A look through at how it has affected the Indian accounting standards since its introduction in April 2016. Influence of IFRS in India India adopted a single globally accepted accounting standard/format without much hassle. The new standards […]

Why should you learn IFRS?

click here   To answer why IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards, one must answer Why adopt an “International” accounting standard when we already have one. Here are a few important reasons:- –  Companies do not have to restate their financials as per each country’s accounting standards. This is so important in a global economy. –  It […]