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What Experts Say About Corporate Finance

payday loans in laredo tx Corporate finance is one of the fast paced industry which has undergone a lot of changes thanks thanks to the recent developments in technology fields. Accountants and Finance professionals no longer have to put their heads under a pile of papers to make calculations, instead computation has become much easier due to the computerized environment. […]

Skill Sets of Investment Bankers

go to site At the entry level, Investment Bankers deal day in and day out with numbers and work extremely long hours.Yes, Investment Bankers do make a successful career with highly lucrative salaries, however, apart from practical knowledge, Investment Bankers must posses the following key skill sets – Strong analytical and reasoning skills: Most bankers have proven academic […]

Job Profile of Investment Banker

http://hiddenacres.ca/site/?m=payday-loans-in-swansea An investment banker provides financial advisory services to his/her clients, of specialized nature, depending on the client’s requirements. An investment banker typically performs role in equity research, mergers & acquisitions, asset and portfolio management, financial modeling, etc. Let’s see how the profile of an Investment Banker looks like and how they progress in this field […]

How to be a CFA charter in 1.5 Years?

payday loans kennewick wa The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum is a rigorous course that prepares the student for roles that require financial analysis and deep understanding of financial concepts. The exam is gradually becoming a de-facto requirement for roles in the capital market. The question on the minds of most of the students is how one can complete […]

Is the presence of CFA the absence of SOCIAL LIFE?

go   “Ever heard of the story of David versus the Goliath? The Goliath in this case is the CFA Charter, and we are the small yet smart David. And remember, that if it is well-fought David wins… If you are considering fighting this 18 months battle, and earning some respect then you just found yourself […]

3 important factors of Financial Planning

payday loans tillsonburg ontario Areas of concern of financial planning that make your financial planning knowledge stronger… DEVELOP A PLAN Step by step planning towards achieving financial goals forms the very essence of creating an efficient and effective financial plan Defining a brief outline for a financial plan requires addressing certain concerns like Achieving flexibility, liquidity and tax minimization. […]

No CA, No Problem : You can still be a CFO

Till the last decade, CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) across organizations were involved only in the financial functions of the organization in the narrowest definition of the phrase. In such scenarios it was not surprising to see that a lot of CFOs were Chartered Accountants (CAs). To understand the composition of the current CFOs we need […]

Business Analytics: A Must Know Skill for Young Professionals

  Raghu was discussing with his friend Feroz about his startup venture and how he was progressing in it. He wanted Feroz to give some insights that would be helpful in his startup. That is when Feroz suggested him to hire a data scientist for this new venture. Raghu was quite ignorant about this and […]