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How CIMA is different from MBA Finance?

source url Priya was aspiring for a successful career in the finance sector. Most of her acquaintances suggested her to take up an MBA in Finance, however, she wished to explore other options too and was keen on making the most of her time and effort. Like every other person from the internet-savvy generation, she searched for […]

How to prepare for CFA exam

enter site If you are planning to take the Chartered financial analyst (CFA) exam, you would have already heard how tough these exams are. The last ten year (2006-2015) average pass rates for various levels is Level 1: 39%, Level 2: 43% and Level 3: 53%. On the whole, only 42% of candidates pass the CFA exam […]

Why investment banks are hiring CFAs rather than MBAs

best payday loans in arizona   If you’re considering a career in investments or investment banking, one of the biggest questions which comes to any aspiring candidate, is whether to pursue a Chartered Financial analyst (CFA) or do a full time MBA from any of the top colleges. CFA is a self-study, part time, three level certification program which requires […]

Different roles of CIMA professionals

follow site Still not decided what you want to do? Why don’t you take up an internship to get a better idea? Hearing these types of endless queries and advice from relatives and friends since graduation has made Rahul rather edgy; and desperate to run away to a quiet place where no one can badger him with […]

The Backbone of the Finance Industry – Financial Modelling

enter Sandeep was baffled with how swiftly his colleague Rohan managed to work on spreadsheets. Their company was contemplating acquisition of a viable company. It was the current hot topic for the management these days, and they had assigned the task to the finance manager to evaluate the financial health of the prospective company. While Sandeep, […]

Financial Modeling and Project Finance

Payal works with the project finance team of a bank based in Mumbai. Her team is assigned the task of analyzing various proposals for project finance, so that the bank can decide if money needs to be lent for the project. Project Finance refers to financing of projects based on the returns generated from the […]