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10 Non-Finance skills for finance professionals

Recruiters from the finance sector are facing a skill gap while acquiring the right candidates for varied job roles, why? Most colleges and universities today focus hard core on syllabus and theoretical knowledge and fail to see the importance of soft skills to build a professional, especially from the finance stream. Finance students and professionals have a tough […]

10 must-have qualities for a CFA

The pass rates of CFA in 2017 stood at an average of 40% to 50% across all the three levels. Going by sheer statistics, the Chartered Financial Analyst exam is one of the toughest in the world.  Most of us think such rigorous curriculums and examinations are reserved for just a countable number of bravehearts but […]

Different approaches to Equity Analysis

Let’s say you are out on a holiday and want to head straight to Goa. There can be so many ways to reach there right? Road, Rail or Flight. You choose how you want to go there based on your preferences and priority. If you want to save on travel cost you will opt for […]


How Financial Modeling can help in Credit Analysis?

Let us face it, most businesses cannot survive without leverage today. In a quest for survival and expansion, companies need to resort to debt as equity alone cannot suffice the requirements. Whether it is financing a new project, meeting working capital or expanding to a new market, a company requires funding at each stage. In […]