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Big Data jobs in Indian government sector

instant 10 minute loans   Big data analytics accounted for around 29,000 jobs in India in 2014, of which 5000 jobs were focussed on the domestic market, says NASSCOM. Another statistic by the industry body states that, the domestic Big data analytics market stood at $163 million in 2014 and is expected to grow to $375 million by 2018. […]

7 benefits of doing CFA after MBA

ez payday loan hudson wi   Aruna, a second-year student at a top-tier Business school, was planning to major in Finance. She was interested in capital markets and aspired to take up a role related to capital markets. She reached out to a few alumni, searching them through LinkedIn and exchanged emails for guidance. The majority of the seniors she […]

How to pass CFA level 1 in first attempt

source   10 useful tips by a CFA Charter holder – Written by a candidate who passed all the three exams of CFA in 18 months’ time. The first question a CFA student will ask me when he calls up to ask for the CFA Level 1 training is, “Will I be able to pass the […]

Top 5 Short term courses in Finance in India

follow url In this digital age, millennial kids want fast access to a successful career. While there is no short cut to success, there are many short term courses which accentuate your chance to zoom past your peers. Finance is a much sought after field of education, and short term certifications in Finance are quite in vogue […]

Top 5 reasons for the growing importance of CIMA professionals in India

The CIMA salary survey of 2016 shows the increasing demand for CIMA professionals in India. Earlier, the corporates operating in India were enamoured only by Chartered Accountants or Cost Accountants, but after awareness about the practical and holistic curriculum of CIMA, they perceive things in new light. Sectors such as legal services, KPOs, BPOs & […]

A day in the life of a Venture Capital Associate

“Venture capital is about capturing the value between the start-up phase and the public company phase” -Fred Wilson, an American businessman and Venture Capitalist. Yes, this quote very much encapsulates the essence of Venture Capitalism. These companies are typically knights in the shining armour for young companies. Venture capitalists (VC) are investors who see potential […]