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Expert talk on mid-career transition into Digital marketing

student loan interest calculator nz Picture this! You have spent years leading the marketing division of your company. Strategising about advertising campaigns, targeting the right customer mix and choosing the appropriate offline media, is an absolute a cake walk for you. But what if your company plans to gradually switch from traditional mode to digital marketing medium? A sudden transition […]

What Employers expect from Aspirants of Digital Marketing ?

payday loans wired into your account In our previous articles where we have talked about is Digital Marketing Career at a glance and “How to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing“, Since the importance of digital marketing is established there are numerous opportunities in this sector with various industries. Companies are eagerly looking for candidates which are potential and have skill […]

How to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing?

follow If you think that you are made for a digital marketing career, it is never too early to start preparing. Let’s discuss how you can prepare for a career in digital marketing. First, take an honest look at your current skills and think about the areas where you need to improve. A good way to […]

Job Opportunities and Trends in Digital Marketing – 2017

santander loan application Responding to recent trends, companies have started taking “Online marketing” seriously, compared to last two years. Thanks to this change, need for online marketing professionals has been increased drastically. Among the companies surveyed, 39% have hired new digital marketers. As a result, increasing number of marketing agencies and as well as brands are also hiring […]

Which job profile is more suitable for you in Digital Marketing?

We have already discussed in our previous post about upcoming opportunities in digital marketing by experience level. However, you need to choose which job profile in this sector is perfect for you, according to your personality traits. Let’s see how the flowchart helps you to discover your interest, existing knowledge and your goals to figure out which role […]