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How Business Analytics has evolved from Business Intelligence

http://acf.ch/wp/?m=100-online-payday-loan-no-phone-calls In today’s modern day world, there is data generated from multitude of channels, which gives opportunities to derive insights that are useful to grow businesses. Words such as big data explosion, business intelligence, business analytics, data science, etc., have become buzzwords these days. However, most of the times, there is incredible confusion caused due to […]

Jobs in India that CFA can fetch you

go Being a CFA Charter is a lucrative option that can fetch you a plethora of job opportunities in the field of investment banking, portfolio management, equity research, etc. On clearing all three levels of the CFA program and after having completed 48 months of relevant work experience, one can avail of a CFA Charter from […]

Why Marketing Professionals should learn Analytics?

new law on loans Well, lot is already being spoken about analytics, but are you yet confused whether it will help you grow in your career? Applications of analytics can be seen in almost every field: be it pharmacy, human resources, finance, marketing, etc. Moreover, it has become pivotal that marketing professionals should become tech savvy and use technology […]