Career opportunities after the CIMA Qualification

Career opportunities after CIMA

The CIMA professional qualification can put you in the top league of management accountants and even increase your earning potential. Several firms even reimburse or pay for their employees’ CIMA course. As a CGMA designation holder, you would be qualified to work in a wide variety of roles inside and outside the finance function. Some typical roles are:

  • Business Analyst

Profile of A business analyst is considered to be the most popular course in modern. As a business analyst, you must be able to predict the changing business needs, analyze its impact, and deliver requirements as per management’s specifications.

  • Forensic Accountant

Thanks to the increasing accounting frauds, need for forensic accountants is increasing day by day. A forensic accountant needs to possess investigative skills to verify the genuineness of the transactions, detect white collar crimes such as asset misappropriation, embezzlement of funds, securities fraud, etc.

  • Financial data analysis

Financial Data analysis provides valuable insights to the management in making strategies that can be helpful to improve the revenue of the company, predict the key performers to be focused, compare with industry benchmarks, etc. With the advent of ‘big data’, financial data analysis has assumed much more importance.

  • Financial Controller

A finance controller has to carry out analysis of the books of accounts, report to the management, monitor the activities of the department, lead the team, overseeing the preparation of financial statements, etc.

  • Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for timely execution of the project: he has to analyze the requirements of the project, procure funds in some cases, manage fund allocation, guide and lead the team members. The role is quite dynamic and challenging and also offers a lucrative pay scale.

  • Management Consultant

A management consultant is good for those who like to research on formulation of businesses strategies: they give consultancy services on for businesses to grow and expand, stand out from its competitors, addressing client’s needs, etc.

  • Financial Manager

A FM takes financial decisions of the company: procuring funds, project finance for buying assets, producing financial and accounting reports, help management take decisions regarding financial projections, etc.

CIMA throws open many doors for a candidate, since it does not restrict the candidate to a particular role. He/she also has an option to set up his own business, since CIMA equips you with requisite business skill sets: people management, communication and leadership skills. The number of students pursuing CIMA in India is also increasing and MNCs are providing newer career opportunities for CIMA qualified professionals.

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