Details of the ACCA program

here Program details of ACCA

pay day loans for people in part time work The ACCA program is a globally recognized accountancy course that gives you an additional edge over regular finance graduates. Following is the curriculum of ACCA –

farm loan act government loan guarantee definition Exams / Subjects: There are 14 exams in 14 subjects covering different topics in financial and management accounting.
The exams are split into 2 levels – Fundamental and Professional, which are the basics and advanced levels of accounting respectively.

  • Fundamentals Knowledge
    o F1 Accountant in Business
    o F2 Management Accounting
    o F3 Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals Skills
    o F4 Corporate and Business Law
    o F5 Performance Management
    o F6 Taxation
    o F7 Financial Reporting
    o F8 Audit and Assurance
    o F9 Financial Management
  • Professional Essentials
    o P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
    o P2 Corporate Reporting
    o P3 Business Analysis
  • Professional Options (two of the 4 below need to be completed)
    o P4 Advanced Financial Management
    o P5 Advanced Performance Management
    o P6 Advanced Taxation
    o P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

personal loans oklahoma bad credit Apart from the above, candidates are also required to appear for a Professional Ethics module. As discussed earlier, exemptions in some subjects can be availed if you meet certain education parameters.

enter Exam format:

go to site All exams are offered as a paper test and a few exams are also offered as a computer based test
o Knowledge (F1-F3) – available by computer-based exams (CBE) or paper-based format
o Skills (F4-F9) – available by paper-based format
o Essentials (P1-P3) – available by paper-based format
o Options (P4-P7) – available by paper-based format

  • Most exams are of a 2 hour duration
  • Most exams have a mix of multiple choice questions and MTQs (Multi-Task Questions), which are a bit like cases
  • The ACCA has around 400 exam centers across the globe, including several within India

Exam difficulty level: The ACCA exam is challenging, however when compared with the US CPA, it seems a tad easier to handle

  • Although there are more papers, there are also more exemptions compared to US CPA
  • Pass rates:
    o Knowledge level pass rates are fairly high at 60-80%
    o Skills levels pass rates are 40-50%
    o Professional Essentials pass rates are also 40-50%
    o Professional Options pass rates are somewhat low at 30-40%

Exam dates:

  • Once you register, you have a 10 year timeframe in which to complete all 14 exams
  • There are 2 exam cycles / seasons in a year
    o Feb to July
    o Aug to Jan
  • Paper based exams are offered in June and December while computer based exams are flexible
  • One can appear for maximum 4 exams per cycle
  • Exams must be appeared for in the order of the module they are under. Within the module, you can take the exams in any order
    o For example, you cannot take F4 before F3. You can, however take F3 before F2 or F1 because they are part of the same module
    o It is recommended though that candidates follow the given order from F1 to P7 for better comprehension and results

Practical Experience and Practice Certificate:

  • In addition to clearing the exams and completing the Ethics module, to become an ACCA you need to have 3 years of relevant work experience
  • The ACCA dictates certain performance objectives that you need to attain
  • In order to be able to be globally practicing ACCA member, you have to undergo a Practicing Certificate Training Record (PCTR) in addition to having the practical experience. More details on this are available on the ACCA website

follow site Fees (please refer to website for latest fees):

Assuming you don’t pay late and clear all exams in the first attempt, the total cost will be ~GBP 1,300 or INR 1.25 L

  • Knowledge level: GBP 71 to GBP 231 per exam (depending on whether you register early or late)
  • Skills level: GBP 90 to GBP 252 per exam (depending on whether you register early or late)
  • Professional level: GBP 104 to GBP 268 per exam (depending on whether you register early or late)