Skills Required for CFA

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To achieve the prestigious certificate of being a CFA charter is no mean task. Also, after completion of this robust and strenuous course, the life of a CFA is quite demanding. Like they say, there is no compensation for hard work, it requires high commitment from the candidates. Following are the characteristics that a skill set must possess.

For completion of this course, a candidate must posses the following skill sets – 1) Above average grasping power:

The syllabus is vast and requires a lot of practice. It helps if the candidate is a fast reader and has a good grasping ability.

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CFA is of course in the end a finance course, so a head for numbers and analytical ability is essential. One should have an eye for attention to details, and also to read between the lines. 3) Multi-tasking:

Most candidates complete this course along with other studies or while doing a full time job, so they must be able to multi-task and find time for exam preparation.

watch 4) English language skills:

A good command over English will definitely help while answering questions (especially sections like Ethics and essay questions in L3)
The syllabus is vast and can be overwhelming at times. A lot of candidates have benefitted from enrolling in coaching institutes to help them understand tough concepts, manage their study time and practice mock tests. Having regular discussions with a peer group also greatly helps in understanding complex topics.

enter site 5) Communication Skills

The candidate must posses high level of influencing skills, since the job of a CFA requires one to have robust means to have a

source 6) High drive & Motivation

Considering the highly demanding curriculum, one must be prepared for all challenges that may come in the way. This requires high drive and passion to be put in what one is doing. 7) Knowledge

CFAs must possess an attitude that has quest for gaining knowledge and learning continuously.

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The candidate must possess problem solving skills, since the job revolves working under high pressure.

The above skill sets obviously cannot be termed to be exhaustive in nature. The curriculum however, helps hone the skills of the candidates, thereby opening doors for personal and professional growth too.