What Experts Say About CFA

What Experts say about CFA

CFA is a world class course for those intending to have a career in investment and portfolio management. Despite being a tough course to crack, it is a popular choice, since, after being a CFA Charter, the candidate is bestowed upon many opportunities spanning across the globe. However, while undergoing or studying the course, any candidate comes across difficulties.

Let’s explore what a veteran in this field has to say about this curriculum and what he feels about the CFA course. Following are excerpts from the interview –

here Interview with Avinash Ghalke, CFA (Equity Research analyst turned entrepreneur), who shares his experience of the CFA exam.

source site Proschool : Why did you take up CFA?
http://electrodomesticosam.com/?q=car-loans-for-the-worst-credit Avinash : This course was more focused on the financial analyst profile. My employer also encouraged me to take up this certification by sponsoring the course (only if I cleared it at first attempt)

http://cfpaldomoro.it/?m=safe-payday-loans-reviews Proschool : How tough is it? How many hours of study are required?
does fha loan qualify for harp Avinash : For a fresher, the initial coursework looks tough. But for an experienced analyst, things are a bit easy since they can relate to the topics at work.

http://selinathompson.co.uk/?m=garenteed-aproved-pay-day-loan Proschool : What was your study plan?
follow link Avinash : I chose a 1-2 hour daily study schedule for a 3-4 month period. However some people prefer a rigorous 14 hr – 2 week schedule just before the exam.

go to site Proschool : Challenges you faced?
http://cfpaldomoro.it/?m=loan-officer-file-checklist Avinash : While studying, many a times you are stuck at some conceptual points that you are unable to understand. In such a case it helps to have a peer group who can help you with such difficulties.

follow site Proschool : How has it helped you?
Avinash : The 3 levels of curriculum are rigorous and take you through different aspects of financial analysis. So from a personal development point of view the course is quite essential and exceedingly helpful. Also a CFA Charter is a feather in the cap.

The above questions will help students understand the hurdles they’ll come across while undergoing this course and also the importance of CFA for the profile of a financial analyst.