What Experts Say About CFP

What experts say about CFP

Certified Financial Planner is a professional course that helps you embark in the specialised field of financial planning. Following are a few words from an expert, which will give you a brief insight about the CFP exam and the challenges faced during this course.

ez money loans near me Interview with Abhishek Somani, CFP, who shares his experience of the CFP exam

http://hiddenacres.ca/site/?m=equity-home-improvement-loan Proschool : Why did you take up CFP?
go here Abhishek : In 2006, I was working with Max New York Life Insurance. Before that, I had worked for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. I wanted to broaden my career opportunities to all sub – verticals in the BFSI sector with a final goal of entrepreneurship. CFP was a great fit for both these objectives. I got a thorough understanding of all aspects of personal finance during the course.

http://electrodomesticosam.com/?q=appliance-loan-without-credit-card Proschool : How tough is it? How many hours of study are required? What was your study plan?
http://condadotravel.com/?q=typical-loan-terms-for-rv Abhishek : 2 hours per day of dedicated studies for 6 to 8 months is required to clear the exam. Please note that studying for 12 hours in 1 day and doing nothing for next 5 days does not work. Regular practice is very important. The course is not tough for anyone who commits to regular practice

go to link Proschool : Challenges you faced
90 day payday loans reviews Abhishek : Not many coaching options were available that time.

http://cfpaldomoro.it/?m=payday-loans-tomah-wi Proschool : How has it helped you?
follow url Abhishek : CFP is useful across the financial services sector and also helped in starting off my own advisory services. Today I am teaching as well as doing Financial Planning. So, it has had a big impact on my career.