Treasury management also known as treasury operations comprises of management of an enterprise's holdings. Its ultimate goal is to maximize the firm's liquidity and lessen its operational, financial and reputational risk. It is fast emerging as a specialization in many companies. The accounting function has been given additional importance and thus delinked from the finance function. In order to manage successfully, a treasury manager should possess a good knowledge of capital markets, instruments and investment avenues, treasury and risk management, etc.
  • To maintain the liquidity of business: This is the main function of treasury management. Without proper liquidity, it is risky for businesses to operate smoothly. Cash flow analysis and working capital management are useful in treasury management.
  • To Minimize Currency Risk: Treasury managers need to have up to date knowledge of the world currency market in order to minimize currency risk. They also analyze the reason of crisis in the currency market. Sometime this crisis will be benefited for them because they have to pay less to other country for getting their service at cheap rates.
  • To Minimize interest rate risk
  • To provide quick finance to companies: The treasury department has to arrange timely finance for a company, when it needs the money. For this, a good network in financial market is required.
Excellent Quantitative and number crunching skills, good knowledge of Financial & Forex products
Certified Treasury Manager, CA and CIMA,CFA
4 lakh to 12 lakh
Many banks including ICICI Bank, HDFC, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and MNCs