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I am planning to pursue CFA qualification. Can you tell me what are the benefits of doing CFA program?
1. The CFA program concentrates on investment knowledge. This helps the candidate to build a focused career in the investment domain either in financial research or in portfolio management.
2. As the program is designed in a self study mode, candidates can concentrate on working full time while they progress through each level to earn the CFA charter.
3. The program is well-structured to progress from a basic level to an advanced expert level. Hence it becomes easy for candidates from other disciplines to start in this program and make a switch to the investment profession from other disciplines while pursuing the CFA program.
4. The CFA program has a six-decade history of maintaining a rigorous focus on globally relevant investment knowledge. This has created a good reputation for the program in the investment industry, amongst potential employers. It hence increases employability of all CFA charter holders significantly.
5. The curriculum focuses on the practical knowledge and current real-world skills necessary in the global investment management profession. These skills are immediately useful on the job.
6. Earning the CFA charter places the candidate in the company of more than 90,000 respected investment professionals. Access to their collective expertise, networks, and resources is an invaluable asset.
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