Hackathon By IMS Proschool & Analytics India Magazine

Hackathon by IMS Proschool & Analytics India Magazine


The entire world is transforming digitally and our relationship with technology has grown exponentially over the last few years. We have grown closer to technology, and it has made our life a lot easier by saving time and effort. Today everything is accessible with smartphones — from groceries to cooked food and from medicines to doctors. In this hackathon, we provide you with data that is a by-product as well as a thriving proof of this growing relationship. 

When was the last time you ordered food online? And how long did it take to reach you?

In this hackathon, we are providing you with data from thousands of restaurants in India regarding the time they take to deliver food for online order. As data scientists, your goal is to predict the online order delivery time based on the given factors.

Analytics India Magazine and IMS Proschool bring to you ‘Predicting Predicting Food Delivery Time Hackathon’.

Size of training set: 11,094 records

Size of test set: 2,774 records


  • Restaurant: A unique ID that represents a restaurant.
  • Location: The location of the restaurant.
  • Cuisines: The cuisines offered by the restaurant.
  • Average_Cost: The average cost for one person/order.
  • Minimum_Order: The minimum order amount.
  • Rating: Customer rating for the restaurant.
  • Votes: The total number of customer votes for the restaurant.
  • Reviews: The number of customer reviews for the restaurant.
  • Delivery_Time: The order delivery time of the restaurant. (Target Classes) 


  • Top contestant will receive an Amazon cash voucher worth ₹25,000.
  • Top 3 contestants will also receive a free pass to Machine Learning Developers Summit 2020 (MLDS-20) 


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