Whether we realize it or not, but LinkedIn has become a phenomenal platform for any kind of business-related activity. If your company is looking to build their band, then LinkedIn is the best platform to start your campaign. Do you want to promote some content and engage more and more people, again LinkedIn is the go-to place for you. However, despite its popularity most of the people using the platform do not use it right and, therefore, at times some of the LinkedIn content goes terribly wrong. As such, I decided to pick up some effective tips that will help you create the content in the right way (the way it was intended to be) to draw maximum engagement.

  • Create Text-only posts

Yes, it is true. Although most of the social media platforms do endorse visually stimulating content as they are statistically for engaging, the statistics fail in the case of LinkedIn where text-only posts are found to be more engaging. In fact, one of my friends performed A/B testing by posting some LinkedIn contents with videos and images, while the other set of postings were simple text-only contents. After a few days, he found out that viewing statistics were going down for the ones with images and videos in it, while the text-only posts were doing fairly well. I believe his case is a vindication of the fact that text-only posts usually perform much better than other kinds of posts when it comes to LinkedIn.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind that in today’s world nobody has the time to read walls of text. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that most of us read these posts on our mobile which has a much smaller screen compared to laptops or desktops. Hence, “brevity is your friend” and so it is better if you can keep your posts short and crisp. However, in case you are a narrator, then make sure that you put a compelling hook in the first line itself so that you can draw people to read the whole post.

  • Feel free to like your own posts

Do you feel hesitant to like your own post? Does it also occur to you that it is not okay to give yourself a thumbs-up as a symbol of approval? Well, guess what!! If you have ignored the like button, then it was a mistake on your part because apparently you can draw more people if you like your own posts and status updates, which also applies for your comments too where liking your own comments engages more people. In fact, by liking the comments you will re-engage even the people who have already commented on your post, as they continue to receive notifications about new comments and likes on the post, which may eventually urge them to contribute something again.

  • Share native videos

You should know that LinkedIn tends to discourage external links at its platform and, as such, usually videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn perform much better than the ones shared as external links to videos from other platforms like YouTube. In fact, in 2018 LinkedIn invested a lot of money to improve its video platform and so now it is possible for us to share native videos on LinkedIn to create highly engaging content. LinkedIn native videos allow you to share content up to 5GB in size or 10 minutes in length. However, please note that statistically, video contents of less than 1.5 minutes perform better than other lengths of contents.

  • Publish optimum volume to maximize engagement

It is very important to understand what is the optimum level of content or frequency to share so that your postings draw the maximum attention among your readers. Actually, you may risk losing your readers if you post too rarely, while you may end up spamming them if you post too many contents. So, it is like you are on a knife-edge where you required to find the magic posting number to maximize the engagement. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that you never compromise with the content quality as it needs to ring the bell for your audience every time they read your post. In fact, it is better to get 100 clicks by posting 3-4 posts per day rather than 110 clicks by posting 10-11 posts per day. It is akin to ROI, where you do not want to post too many and have diminishing returns for a few extra clicks.

  • Effective use of #hashtags

Although a few years back LinkedIn was not very excited about the use of hashtags, now they are totally on board and support the use of hashtags. Actually, if you use hashtags the content becomes more searchable, which is likely to increase the visibility of the posts quite significantly. Nowadays, you must have noticed that almost all the posts have hashtags relevant to their content, the company they are promoting or the cause they are supporting.  However, please make sure that you do not use more than 5–6 hashtags per post.


So, let us wrap it up by recollecting the five golden rules to create highly engaging LinkedIn posts – text-only contents perform better than any other types, do not hesitate to like your own posts and contents, avoid sharing external links, decide on the optimum frequency of posting and always remember to use the relevant hashtags. I hope by now you know how to create an appealing LinkedIn post.