A Day in the life of a Corporate Finance Executive

Thanks to technology, the typical day in the life of a corporate finance executive is not limited to merely number crunching. He is expected to be involved more in decision making and strategy level as he grows up in the career ladder. Moreover, he is also expected to be techno-savvy, with proficiency in making spreadsheets.

Let’s explore what happens in the typical day of a finance executive.
A typical day in the life of a Corporate Finance executive(entry level):

  • The day typically begins by working on the periodic financial reports and looking at the accounts of the firm
  • A project needs funding and you have to make a financial model for it
  • You have to attend a meeting with the sales team to understand their projections for the coming month
  • You have to put together a report for a bank which is about to lend you a large sum
  • The compliance division needs to discuss some matters, You have to attend and take notes
  • Then comes a weekly review of investments meetings with your team
  • Done for the day, but tomorrow is yet another day filled with numbers!

With higher positions, he/she is expected to fulfill additional responsibilities –

  • Consultancy to management on funds management
  • Liasoning for financial institutions for fund seeking
  • Maintaining internal checks and audits
  • Planning and guiding your team members on compliance with accounting and tax related matters


Salary and perks:

Corporate Finance

  • The starting salary for Corporate Finance Analysts is around INR 5-7Lakhs / annum
  • Consultancies and MNC firms often pay higher
  • At the senior level, Corporate Finance executives are very handsomely rewarded based on their experience

Definitely, a head and love for numbers is one of the basic requirements of someone who is aspiring to be a finance professional.