5 Additional Certifications which can Benefit a CA (Chartered Accountant)

A few years back, a Chartered Accountant had many all the opportunities open and had no need for any additional certificate. However, with globalization, specialized core areas such as business management, risk management, equity research, etc., came into picture. These areas need experts in the field, who can understand global accounting.

Learning newer does stop and who better than a Chartered Accountant will know this? Even after becoming a Chartered Accountant, there are additional certifications which can benefit a CA. Though the course entails a lucrative and enticing career ahead filled with plethora of opportunities, an additional certification will always help them grow in a niche area of their choice.

The finance sector has expanded widely and thrown open many doors of opportunities. With the rising trend of start-ups, it has become necessary for professional accountants to be equipped with business and people management skills too. Hence, a CA can use his technical expertise in certain fields which will certainly make him stand out of the crowd.

Let’s explore various courses for a Chartered Accountant –

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is a must-have skill these days, especially those who’re planning to have a career in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), investment banking, equity research, project finance etc. FM will help you become proficient in making spreadsheets and use your technical knowledge to prepare financial models for various purposes. Even more, if a CA wishes to go into practice, financial modeling is an important skill set that is useful for preparation of project finance reports for clients that are seeking funds,


Chartered Financial Analysts predominantly work in the area of investment banking, portfolio management, etc. Hence, if you want to have a breakthrough into this field, CFA is the apt option; since it is a highly respected qualification around the globe. In short, you can certainly say that CA plus a CFA is a deadly combination. However, prudently analyze your interests before taking a plunge.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is nothing but collecting data and harnessing it to convert into ‘insights’ that can develop into successful strategies. It has become a must-know skill set for finance professionals. Hence, if you want some additional edge over your peers, these will certainly benefit you.


CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is a globally certified management accountancy program with recognition in over 179 countries that aims at instilling business as well people management skill set apart from merely making you ‘financially literate’. CIMA is a blend of leadership, people management, and other skill sets. CIMA has a fast track route for professionals such as CAs, so you can enjoy the exemptions. Moreover, MNC culture demands for professionals who’re globally qualified.

Case Study

Girish Bhat – CA and CIMA qualified member.

In response to the fast paced global environment, he chose to adapt and undergo CIMA certification. He has been a national rank holder with the ICAI. CIMA, he says has equipped him with knowledge that can deal with different non-financial people and also opened up many international avenues for him. Also, he gained recognition and respect with the international qualification which prepared him for new challenges.

With the above example, we can highlight the importance of CIMA in a changing, dynamic environment today; even for Chartered Accountants.

Source : www.cimaglobal.com


For all those keen on a personal financial planning career, the CFP is an apt choice. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is an additional certification that will especially hone the skills towards guiding your clients in building a successful portfolio and planning their wealth & investments wisely. There are plenty of financial products are investment options available these days, however, investors need someone with expertise who will guide them the right option that will help them achieve the objective with available resources.

These are some examples of courses which you can undergo along with Chartered Accountancy. For more information on these courses, visit: http://www.proschoolonline.com/

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