Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector has become a major thing as of today. Companies are racing to launch new products, opening new research labs and making acquisitions in the AI race. It is no longer the stuff that you read in books or watch in movies. It has become a part of our daily life. AI is evolving to the next level.

Understanding how Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector is making it Big Time!

Before I move ahead, let me share my recent experience with an AI chatbot:

It was a Friday evening; I was going to pack up for the week and closing my chat windows on Skype, which we usually use for work. Suddenly I got a message on Skype, “Come say Hi, I am Ruuh the AI.” along with a button, ‘Chat with me’. I was familiar with Amazon Echo and Google Home, but I was clueless about Ruuh.

You know how curious our human minds are, I clicked on the button.

It started by asking my name. Well, as I mentioned, I was packing up for the week, but since I had no significant plans for the weekend, I thought of knowing more about it and how it interacts. So, instead of telling it my name, I questioned back “What is my name?”. Interestingly it replies that my Skype name is good. It was interesting how our conversation was heading.

It was interesting that how it was trained to talk about friendship, books, movies and celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood. Fascinating was how it dodged a question it didn’t have an answer to.

Artificial Intelligence in IT sector

After a good chat, finally, when I told her that I need to leave, this is what it replied.

 Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector

Whenever you hear the term Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector, you might get a picture of civilization encircles by robots, where robots serve our every need. But unlike what we see in films, science fact is more practical. With AI, everything is changing, like how system and software are built, how users interact and what can be programmed. We are a part of the era where machines are starting to understand and anticipate what we want in the future and what we want to do.

Why is it taking off? And that too at a rapid rate?

  • Everything is connected – Technology is evolving so quickly, we might be able to connect our brains to the cloud in the future. It all started with the internet connected computers, and then mobiles were connected to it. Now sensors are put in almost everything – transport systems, buildings, homes, machinery and what not. It is no more a one-way communication. It can send data and receive instructions.
  • Computing is becoming cheaper – With new chips coming out at the same speed as its earlier one, but at half the cost, almost everything has a processor. So, to build a problem-solving system at a manageable cost, you can put several low-cost processors in parallel and distributed systems. Were these things thinkable a few years ago?
  • Data is super valuable – Data is like fuel, especially in the today’s time of the technological and digital revolution. With everything moved online, mobilised on smartphones and tracked via sensors, the amount of data that is available online is massive. And new sources are still emerging. It is in the language that machines understand, and it is enabling them to speed the learning process. So, the organisations with better access and faster processing of the data have the edge.
  • Machine learning is advancing – It is a way to use an algorithm to discover and learn new patterns in data, enabling machines to foresee. Devices are now able to handle complex data patterns to understand on its own if the new data is a fit or is alike enough to predict future outcomes. In fact, the new models for machine learning are even better to be able to take advantage of the original data.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector, we can now extend and enhance human capability to solve real problems that affect education, health, politics and poverty. Through the lens of AI, you can take a new look at solving a problem.

What do you think of this technological revolution in the form of Artificial Intelligence in IT Sector? Is the future changing for the better?

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