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Everything You Need To Know About CIMA Qualification

Are you one of those who have heard about the “CIMA qualification” but still aren’t sure what it is and why it is so valued? Or are you someone who is stuck with “I want to pursue a career in accounting, finance or business” but not sure what to do and which step will be […]


How Much Time Does It Take to Crack the CIMA Exam?

Are you a graduate student who wants to do CIMA or in a part time job who is ‘thinking’ to go for CIMA?  Or Someone who has answers in bits and pieces from eclectic sources about cracking the exam but nothing clears your doubts? If yes, then you too are probably stuck in a poll […]

Why We Think Digital Marketing is a ‘Cool’ Career to Pursue in Today’s Time – Top 7 Reasons

Almost a decade ago, hardly any students wished to become digital marketers. However, the trend has significantly changed in recent years. Today, digital marketing has become a buzzword, and every business leverages digital marketers to bring success to their organisation.  The role of digital marketing in enhancing the growth of a business has become immense, […]

Beginners guide to clear the ACCA exams

Meta Title: Comprehensive Guide to Clear the ACCA Exams Meta Description: To give the ACCA exams, the students need to prepare well and cover the syllabus with a holistic approach. Follow a comprehensive guide to prepare ACCA easily.  Social Media Post: Due to its global representation and acceptance, passing the ACCA exams has become essential […]

CFA Scholarship – Are you eligible for it?

Are you eligible for a CFA scholarship in India? Portfolio Manager, Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, Trader, Equity Research, Analyst, Consultant The above job profiles are just a few lucrative careers waiting for you after completing the CFA course. When you receive your certification, you become a part of an internationally acclaimed community of highly sought-after […]

10 tips to clear your CFP exam in the first attempt

How to plan for the CFP exam in 2022 The CFP course is a one-way ticket to a successful career in financial planning and wealth management. After all, the program is reputed to be one of the best in the world, recognized in over 26 countries. Many professionals find themselves at the receiving end of […]

How a CFP certification can help mutual fund distributors

Mutual funds are a highly popular form of investment in India today. There are so many benefits to adding them to your portfolio. In a market where fluctuations are a common occurrence, mutual funds offer some security to customers. Individuals can access a wide variety of investments and the opportunity to grow their assets. This […]