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Introducing Flexi MBA – An MBA with placement in the first year

Even with a great job, you might be unable to move up in your career. So, what do you do?  There are many reasons why someone with a good job cannot climb the career ladder. Some of the reasons could be: Lack of professional qualification Not enough core subject knowledge So, what should you do?  […]

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Top 7 Professional Courses to Pick After 12th Commerce

The demand for commerce graduates in the world is soaring high currently. As startup culture became the new normal, the number of businesses exploded worldwide in recent times. This marks an opportunity for several fresh graduates and people studying in the field to get lucrative jobs.  When considering the field of commerce, there are multiple […]

Importance of social media marketing for your eCommerce business

Introduction Social media has become an integral part of marketing in today’s time. Businesses rely on social media marketing as a way of reaching thousands and millions of potential clients worldwide.  The best part about social media marketing is that it allows you to market your business without putting an enormous amount of time and […]

Top 5 trending CFA jobs in India

There comes a point in your life where you have to invest in yourself first. The CFA course is one such asset that can lead to huge dividends.  In time, the certification even appreciates in value. If you put in the effort to achieve your goals, you will reap huge rewards. Let’s keep the investment-centric […]