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How to execute successful business negotiations

If you have ever happened to be a part of a business negotiation, you must have felt the urge to advocate your own interest irrespective of the ideal outcome. Actually, there is nothing wrong about it because we all desire the best outcome for ourselves and we cannot help it given it is human nature. […]

how to leverage your network to earn more job leads and network

Are you hunting for a new job or trying to switch to a new profile?? Have you considered asking anyone from your professional network?? In most of the cases, what actually happens is that the job seekers approach their contacts at the professional networking websites and then they eventually give up as the contacts do […]

5 ways to deal with a toxic co-worker

INTRODUCTION If you have worked at any organisation, then it is largely inevitable not to have come across a notorious co-worker who can make your life miserable. You should be wary of such individuals because they can potentially ruin your work environment or even weigh down your entire career. It is easy to identify such […]

Financial Analyst Career Path Options

FINANCIAL ANALYST CAREER PATH OPTIONS Is it your dream to pursue a career in finance? Well, then it is your lucky day as today we are going to look into some of the sought after career options as finance analyst. The term “financial analyst” covers a broad segment of financial career that includes several different […]

Market Research Techniques for Primary and Secondary Research

Introduction To start any business, it is very important to conduct a proper market survey or study the market dynamics as closely as possible. Such study can only be done through what is known as Market research. Now, there are several types of such market research techniques classified either as primary or secondary market research […]

Artificial Intelligence- A boon or a bane

Introduction Every time we hear the word “recession” and we are reminded of the 2008 crisis and its impact on the job scenario. According to many experts the phenomenon of recession for an economy is unavoidable and the next one might be round the corner. But this time the equation will be slightly changed with […]

Market Research Techniques- what works, what doesn’t

Introduction Whenever you ask anybody for some advice for your new venture, the phrase that you are 100% sure to come across is “do your research well”. Now, the phrase basically means that you should conduct a proper market research to understand the feasibility of your product. The term “market research” may sound like something […]


Post Graduate Courses, FRM, Financial Modeling, CFA, CPA | Which financial course to choose?

Careers in finance and financial certifications – what do these letters mean? Finance as a career option A career in the finance domain is very fascinating and exciting for many college goers. Aspiring students who have a special inclination for mathematics and statistics can choose a career in finance because it is expected to suit […]