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Top 5 Accounting Careers in India

A career in accounting involves reporting of company financials to different stakeholders, which can either be internal management or shareholders, lenders, creditors, debt holders, etc. As such, the accounting career can be very challenging. But if you can sustain the pressure and grow in your job then the same can be lucrative and rewarding. So, […]

IFRS 9 – A Game Changer For Global Banks

Dear friends, although the migration from IAS 39 to IFRS 9 is intended for better risk management across all the global banks, the change will materially affect bank’s financial statements. In fact, the impairment calculations are expected to be affected the most. The scope of IFRS 9 initially applies to bank institutions in Europe, the […]


8 Accounting Principles that every Graduate should know

“Accounting is the language of business efficiently communicated by well-organised and honest professionals called accountants.” Accounting not only records financial transactions and conveys the financial position of a business enterprise; it also analyses and reports the information in documents called “financial statements.” Recording every financial transaction is important to a business organisation and its creditors […]


9 Top Skills for Financial Analyst

As the name suggests, analytical skills are very important when you are a financial analyst. But apart from this, there are multiple other attributes that an employer seeks in a Financial Analyst. So, here are nine of the most important financial analyst skills that you need to have and while reading you can check how […]

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What are the different types of audit reports in India?

“Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. The other third is covered by auditors from headquarters.” – Norman Ralph Augustine  Yes, auditors are equally important for the corporates as is water for life on earth, which brings us to the importance of their audit reports. So, there are different types of audit reports, […]

How to execute successful business negotiations

If you have ever happened to be a part of a business negotiation, you must have felt the urge to advocate your own interest irrespective of the ideal outcome. Actually, there is nothing wrong about it because we all desire the best outcome for ourselves and we cannot help it given it is human nature. […]

How to Leverage your Network to earn more Job Leads and Network

Are you hunting for a new job or trying to switch to a new profile?? Have you considered asking anyone from your professional network?? In most of the cases, what actually happens is that the job seekers approach their contacts at the professional networking websites and then they eventually give up as the contacts do […]

5 ways to deal with a toxic co-worker

INTRODUCTION If you have worked at any organisation, then it is largely inevitable not to have come across a notorious co-worker who can make your life miserable. You should be wary of such individuals because they can potentially ruin your work environment or even weigh down your entire career. It is easy to identify such […]