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Will developers be replaced by AIs

AI and robots, OMG!! Does it tinker a bell in your mind? You might be able to recollect few of the Hollywood movies where the AIs go rogue and wreak havoc on the world. Well, that may not be not quite adjacent to reality for most of us, but few of the software developers have […]

Weirdest Questions Biggies Ask to Identify Talent

Yes, we are back with another Ankit – Sanket conversation for you. Take a look at what they are discussing today! Sanket: Hey bro!! I heard you are applying for a new job at companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook. Ankit: Oh! Yes, I am. Sanket: So, how is the search going? Ankit: Search is […]

Which is better – ACCA Or CIMA?.

ACCA and CIMA certifications help you in building an impressive career in the finance industry. However, I would suggest you evaluate both options thoroughly before making a decision. Therefore, let us understand what are the prospects and scopes offered by the two in more details below. WHAT IS ACCA? The first question that should come […]

7 free resources for learning MS excel

I am a financial analyst with more than five years of experience in various credit rating agencies, banks, and fintechs. Based on my professional experience, I think I can afford to say that I know a bit of Microsoft Excel. I usually use it to build cash flow models, valuation models, stress testing scenario, etc. […]

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Career scope and salary of – CFA®, ACCA, CIMA

Are you in that stage of life where you have to decide which career path to follow in order to fulfill your dream to become a successful finance professional? Well, it is a very critical situation where most of us question ourselves that which finance qualification is most likely to land me the most sought […]

9 Reasons For Businesses To Be On Social Media

Before we tell you the benefits of using social media for business, here are a few facts you should know: Approximately, 3 billion people across the globe are actively using social media These people use it to engage with brands More people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities Only on Instagram, 80% of […]

5 reasons to participate in skill testing competitions

If you thought being an IITan is the ultimate ticket to a job in top tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, its time you changed your perceptions. A 21-year-old Mumbai engineer, Abdullah Khan, has landed a job in Google with a whopping Rs 1.2 crore as salary. He is not from IIT and made his […]