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Elevating the Goal Setting Process

Did you know? According to Forbes, only 8% of people are able to achieve their goals. This means approx. 92% of people fail to achieve their targets.  If you want to succeed, you need to have clear goals. Goal setting is all about creating an action plan which will encourage and lead you towards it. […]

10 Myths about Machine Learning

You hear people talking about machine learning. But are you sure what is the truth and what’s a myth? People are curious to know about machine learning and artificial intelligence but face a lot of confusions while getting started. Machine learning was first used by multinational organizations such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Google used […]

Social Media Strategy Review: ICICI Bank

The financial brands, insurance, and banking sectors are widely using social media strategies to stay connected with their customers. However, simply posting an image or content on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter is not a business social media activity. Engaging your audiences and keeping them connected is beyond this. As a financial brand, […]


How the financial brands are leveraging on social media

“Trust arrives on foot and leaves by Ferrari” – Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England. Isn’t the saying very much relevant for the financial industry? Finance companies hold the crucial responsibility of protecting and growing the clients’ wealth. It is no news that the use of social media is burgeoning day by […]

10 Reasons People Fail in the Exams of CFA® Program

Let us start with what June 2018 exam result says: Level I – 43%, Level II – 45 %, Level III – 56%. This clearly represents that the passing rate of the level 1 exam is meagre. Majority of people conclude that the Level I exam is very tough to crack. However, the fact is every […]

The Forbidden Mistakes in the Career of an Investment Banker

Progression of an Investment Banker’s career happens on a fairly standard path: Analyst Associate Vice President Director Managing Director It may have different names for the positions in different banks or may have extra layers in the hierarchy. However, the job and functions remain the same for each relative position. Irrespective of your position, the […]

What Is The Next Big Thing In Fintech?

        “Fintech” sounds like an uncommon word? In simple word, it can be described as technology to improve and automate financial services. Fintech emerged during the 21st century and was limited to the backend processes developed for delivering financial solutions. Today, this backend support services expanded to more customer-oriented services and user […]