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10 Reasons People Fail in the Exams of CFA® Program

Let us start with what June 2018 exam result says: Level I – 43%, Level II – 45 %, Level III – 56%. This clearly represents that the passing rate of the level 1 exam is meagre. Majority of people conclude that the Level I exam is very tough to crack. However, the fact is every […]

The Forbidden Mistakes in the Career of an Investment Banker

Progression of an Investment Banker’s career happens on a fairly standard path: Analyst Associate Vice President Director Managing Director It may have different names for the positions in different banks or may have extra layers in the hierarchy. However, the job and functions remain the same for each relative position. Irrespective of your position, the […]

What Is The Next Big Thing In Fintech?

        “Fintech” sounds like an uncommon word? In simple word, it can be described as technology to improve and automate financial services. Fintech emerged during the 21st century and was limited to the backend processes developed for delivering financial solutions. Today, this backend support services expanded to more customer-oriented services and user […]


It is the era where almost every aspect of our daily lives is digitised. There are numerous sources to gather, collect and analyse data. It has become such a gargantuan term that academicians, influencers and other prominent stakeholders vouch for Big Data as it has completely revolutionised the way organisations and businesses work. Before we […]

Complete guide to The do’s and don’ts of Facebook Ads

After Facebook started giving businesses the option to pay and boost the post or page, Facebook marketing has become the preferred way to promote the brands. Some ads fail, and some perform exceptionally well. So, have you ever wondered the reason behind the same? Well, if a Facebook ad is a part of your marketing […]

How to Use Storytelling While Marketing

“Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom. There lived a beautiful princess… …and they lived happily ever after!!! Do you remember listening to such stories in your childhood? Yes, most of us would. Why do we watch movies or read comics? It is natural human behavior that we love to listen to narrations and […]


Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2018

Memorable Marketing Campaigns Of 2018 “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything “– Beth Comstock   Isn’t it a perfect quote for the marketing field? Whether you are a manufacturing something or into service field; marketing your product is must!!! Earlier, the marketing strategies were used to focus on customer acquisition and not […]