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Data Scientist job description – What do they really do?

In this article, we dig deeper into Data Scientist job description. Let’s try finding out what do data scientists really do? This post also sheds some light on job responsibilities, skills and qualifications required, and pay package of a data scientist.. The terms “data science” and “data scientist” have always been too difficult to understand. […]

YouTube case studies: How brands are marketing through videos?

Here we see various YouTube case studies wherein brands have used the video-sharing platform to promote their products and services for maximum reach. Until recently, YouTube was just known as a platform to share and view all kinds of videos. YouTube is the most popular video library with videos posted and viewed by users worldwide. […]

Road to Success: Best 10 Career Makeover Tips for You

Getting a job maybe easy but staying in one for a substantial amount of time can be difficult. Here are best career makeover tips for those who’re currently feeling stranded in their respective job roles. It usually happens that when we hear that someone has taken a leap, which you were always scared of or seized […]

Accounting Jobs are not Glamorous Enough? Says Who?

Yes, accounting jobs are glamorous, if you didn’t realize that yet! The moment you say that you are into accounting, people think that it’s a boring job. Even if you meet someone in a glamorous surrounding in a snazzy outfit, they perceive it the same way. Accounting jobs maybe nerve-racking for many; however, it is […]

Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Your Resume

However, there are few most common resume mistakes exceptionally difficult to repair, like the once made on your resume. The only thing you can do after an employer has got it is regret. But there’s no point in crying over spilt milk. Hence, prevention is critical. Here are the most common resume mistakes people make while writing […]

8 Simple Techniques on Improving Communication Skills at Work

Improving communication skills at work is an art that needs to be practiced with time. Let’s see important yet simple techniques to enhance your communication skills professionally. Good communicators are always in demand. Especially in the professional world, more and more recruiters are preferring candidates who are “excellent in communication”. Unarguably, communication and interpersonal skills […]