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Top 7 Presentation Skills To Stand Out From The Crowd

It is Friday evening and you are about to call it a day! Suddenly, your boss walks up to you and reveals that you will have to present the Quarterly Marketing Strategy on Monday. Your world comes crashing down! Weekend plans for dinner and movies are at once replaced by preparations for the presentation. Your […]

Career opportunities in microfinance industry

The banking sector plays a crucial role in the economic development of a country. However, unfortunately, in a country like India, there are many who do not have access to formal banking. There are many reasons for this such as lack of infrastructure, cost of credit, lack of awareness about banking or financial discipline. This […]

AWS Vs Azure: Which certification is better?

Cloud Computing has taken the world of technology by storm. It is one of the biggest developments in the modern world and has been a steady revenue generator for many years. Cloud computing enables global access to a shared group of computing assets, allowing exchange and transfer of data easily with minimal effort. Because of […]

Adaptive Learning-The new Phase of Education

A recent commercial of a preschool showed that they have a unique curriculum for each child because each student is unique and has a different level of understanding. Quite thoughtful isn’t it. Whether it is a school, college or professional training institute, students in India have always been exposed to a generalised curriculum. The “one-size-fits-all” […]


7 factors to be considered during M&A deals

Mergers and acquisition are an important milestone in a company’s path. Companies merge into each other to form a symbiotic relationship and gain synergies. There are a lot many aspects to mergers and acquisitions which involves financial, legal, intellectual property, assets and human resource oriented issues. For the successful fruition of the acquisition or merger, […]