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BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE – (Definition, Importance & Themes)

INTRODUCTION BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE!!! Well, just as the name suggests, yes it basically deals with how typically human beings behave when it comes to handling different financial decisions. However, it is not that simple and as such, there is an entire subject dedicated to behavioural finance. But, strangely the subject was not officially recognized only until […]

Demystifying the notions behind Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a way of life for marketers as well as viewers. Couple of years back, there were only few who knew about the power of Digital Marketing, but today it has become a ubiquitous phenomenon.  Companies are increasing their Digital Marketing budgets and lot of students are opting for Digital Marketing as […]

12 Digital Marketing Jargons Everyone Must Know

Digital Marketing is a relatively new field of marketing and there are a lot of terminologies related to it. While we come across most of these terminologies on a daily basis, the meaning of these isn’t clear. To simplify the knowledge of digital marketing, we must decode each and every jargon. (1) Agile Marketing Social […]

Careers for Women — Balancing both – work and family

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”, is a proverb we all are familiar with. This was a poem by the eighteenth-century poet, William Ross which finds its true manifestation in the present age. The poet emphasised on the fact that motherhood is a force that has the power […]

7 ways in which Data Science is changing the face of pharmaceutical industry

“Data has the potential to completely transform the way we develop medicines”, said Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan at the beginning of 2018. He believes that leading pharmaceuticals like Novartis sit on a “goldmine” of vast datasets, which are built after conducting innumerable studies in thousands of diseases. There is huge untapped potential in this curated […]

6 types of people you must add to your network

  Looking for a breakthrough in career or scaling a new height in current profession aren’t done by conventional methods any more. It is not just limited to applying for jobs, approaching the recruiter or floating your CV across channels. This is the age of networking. Networking means connecting with people on professional terms but […]