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Big Financial Technological Trends for 2020

1.Fintech will rule the business models Large financial institutions always had the advantage of their size and the network. These institutions also had a strong system to manage regulations and compliance. Due to these reasons, small firms found it difficult to enter the financial industry.  Well now times are changing and Fintech disruptors are finding […]


Top 9 Differences between CFA Level 1 and CFA Level 2

Aman and Arhaan are neighbors both studying for CFA. Aman has appeared for Level one while Arhaan has appeared for Level two. Both are waiting for their results.  The result day is here and both of them successfully clear the exams. Aman goes to congratulate Arhaan Aman: Congratulations Arhaan! Well deserved. Arhaan: Thanks Aman and […]

Importance of Body Language in Day to Day Life

” Your body language shapes who you are” ” Our bodies can change our mind then our behaviour and ultimately the results”.–Amy Cuddy. Body language is the biggest superpower one can ever have. It has the power of making you as well as breaking you. The origin of the word body language (also known as […]

A Day in the Life of a Financial Analyst

Priya and Ankita are cousins and meet after four years at an event. Priya is currently studying for CFA Level one and aspires to be a Financial Analyst while Ankita has completed her MBA and is currently preparing for CFA Level three. Priya is aware that Ankita has recently been promoted to Senior Analyst. Priya […]