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ACCA India Job opportunities, Scope & Salary for Professionals

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) exam is one of the most highly reputed exams in India. Over the past few years, ACCA India has managed to garner much recognition across the country. As the ACCA certification is new here in India, students are finding it difficult to decide whether it is a good […]

University of Cambridge Study: Analyzing Startup Success or Failure Rate

Let’s see how University of Cambridge study combined social media and transport data to gauge the probabilities of success or failure rates of a retail business. University of Cambridge study had researchers collect information from ten different cities around the world to conduct the survey. Their unique model predicts up to 80% accuracy whether new […]

Tricky Interview Questions: 4 Sly Responses No One Told You About!

It’s high time you prepare yourself to get familiar with the corporate culture and values. Here are few tricky interview questions you can expect, along with suggested responses to have you selected for the desired job. Heartbeat up. Adrenaline rush. Uneven breathing. Continuous sweating. All these signs represent various scenarios. But an interview session has […]

CFA Exams – Why is it too hard to clear level I of CFA® Program exam ?

If data is to be believed, almost 200,000 CFA aspirants from various countries and colleges appear for CFA exams. Of which, more than 50% badly fail. Around 20% of students don’t turn up for the exams – just out of its horror! Back in June 2015, only about 40% CFA aspirants passed Level I of CFA® […]

Career Development: Effective ways to progress in your job

Career Development is a process of managing self-learning and work-life along with recreation to become a professionally determined individual with continuous evolution. In order to be successful in life, it is very important for us to grow in life — both personally and professionally. As we know it, life can be perceived as a journey, […]

Punctuation marks in English: How to make good use of the basics

It would’ve been long ago since you might have heard or read about “punctuation marks”. Yes, it was back in our school days that an English teacher would try their best to make us understand the difference between a colon and semicolon, comma and inverted comma, and so on.. Now, let’s brush up on our […]

Formal Meetings: What to do when you’re not invited?

Some work cultures involve too many formal meetings – every now and then. So much so that employees often tend to find ways to get out of such meetings. Then there are work cultures wherein only limited number of meetings are conducted. It is during these meetings that too important decisions are made. Somehow, employees […]

Modern Data Scientist – An Anatomy & Job Roles Explained

Whenever we talk about disruption, we talk about the emerging role of modern day data scientist. But who are they? Simply put, he/she is a person responsible for collecting data, analysing data and interpreting them to identify how businesses can improve operations and gain a competitive edge. For this, they leverage on the formidable analytical, […]

A Brief Guide to Improve your Data Science Interview

Have you ever been in a data science interview? Was it very easy and smooth to get through? No, right? Data Science interviews are not only challenging but also difficult to be in. For, the main idea of a data science interview is to carefully analyze candidate’s analytics and creativity and weed out those who […]