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4 Basic yet Useful SEO Strategies for Better Rankings

There may be plentiful of useful SEO strategies you can learn and implement to improve your website rankings. They can be of very little use when you ignore the basics of SEO. Due to which, sometimes the results are not that satisfying. You may go on to producing awesome website content and do everything from […]

Google’s Wellbeing: Your New Virtual Guardian?

The alarming use of mobile technology is becoming an integral part of our lives. As such it is no longer a secret that we’re addicted to our smartphones for one reason or the other. And, this addiction is getting even stronger with each passing day. Right from clicking selfies to playing music all day, we […]

So what is all the hype about Data Science?

Over the past couple of decades, Data Science, has been recognized as one of the most exciting IT domains in the world. Recent reports suggest that leading countries like USA and China are investing billions of dollars to integrate their industries with AI. These nations have been financing sectors like finance, healthcare, retail, and defense […]

Say Hello to A More Human-like Google Digital Assistant!

Your Google Digital Assistant just got better, wiser, and “more human” with the tech-giant’s recent rollout. So much so that it sounds just like a real person! The robotic assistant by Google has been smartly incorporated with person-like sounds and voices, leaving us to think — “technology is all dolling up for the future, and […]

5 Steps to Put Up An Appealing Presentation to Your Seniors

Have an assignment to present to your seniors next week? Here’s few tips to present to senior executives at your upcoming meeting.. As much it is a tough job to present work to your seniors, the whole experience can also be worthwhile — when done right. Now, know that your superiors would not always be […]