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The 10 Best SEO Books You Should Read!

Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role while making your digital presence on the internet. It is the process of improving the online visibility of your website with natural, organic or paid campaigns. Your website visitors can be potentially get converted into your actual customers. Whether you are a beginner in this field or you […]

9 Reasons For Businesses To Be On Social Media

Before we tell you the benefits of using social media for business, here are a few facts you should know: Approximately, 3 billion people across the globe are actively using social media These people use it to engage with brands More people follow brands on social media than follow celebrities Only on Instagram, 80% of […]

Is Technology crippling our communication skills?

The technology was meant to connect people, but today it has become the single biggest force that is distancing people. No doubt that the means of communication have become simple but there is no human or emotional connect. Whether it is personal relationships or business associations, it is important to have good interpersonal relationships with […]

Which is better – ACCA Or MBA?

ACCA vs MBA. Isn’t it so enthralling that our entire life is all about making the right choices? So, it is key that we also do not miss out on the small but very important things while arriving at a decision to choose the correct option. Hence, if you are confused between whether to opt […]

How is IFRS different from GAAP?

Of late, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Vs Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) has been one of the most debatable topics of discussion in the world of accounting. IFRS is the accounting method having universal applicability while GAAP is the set of guidelines that are used in the United States. IFRS has gained some traction […]

What is the business model of Uber?

Do you remember those long waiting hours in the middle of nowhere, where you are expecting for just at least one taxi to show up or you are required to walk 2kms to the main roads to get a cab? Well, Uber has been the solution to all such cab related issues and so it […]

The relationship between Big data and AI

In today’s world, there is a huge buzz going around about Big Data and AI as these are the two most popular and useful technologies presently. While AI has been existing for more than a decade now, Big Data rose to prominence just a few years ago. So, although people could store millions of records […]

how AI is revolutionising online search

What existed in the tech world in the 1990s, is hardly there in its original form today. But what about online search? Has it been reinvented? Most of us still use Google in the same way we used decades back? Since 1998, the algorithms are updated continually. Instead of using newer techniques, the major search […]

Simple Ways To Stick To Your Goals

“Change is never easy stuff. However, it is inevitable.” Every year the first day of January is known as Resolution Day. Everyone is busy with planning jotting down their resolutions such as exercise, career focus, learning a new tool, smooth relationships, etc. This resolution enthusiasm sustains for a week or two. By the end of […]

10 Effective Ways To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Hectic day at work! Extended working hours! Stressed all the time! No time for family! No time to pursue your passion! Isn’t that the story of every working person? As the competition is getting more robust and workplace evolving faster than ever, it is difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Every employee is putting […]