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How to nail a perfect Cover Letter?

“Please send across your updated CV and cover letter to the below-mentioned email” read the hiring process of that high profile job. The job description indicates that this position is the perfect match for you, but the very thought of creating a cover letter feels like a stumbling block. You may think, “What do I […]

Posting Time which can Change your Life on Social Media

Time has changed a lot now, as social media is influencing us in a great way. We are very much dependent on social media nowadays for marketing, latest trends and promoting ourselves or our brands. Now the point is how the posting timings can change our lives, what are the best timings to post on […]

Big Data brings in analytical revolution in financial markets

Big data is bringing in an era of revolution across sectors and financial markets are no exemption. Here we are not just talking about the FinTech applications used in banks and financial institutions, but the actual and dynamic financial markets across the globe. These markets are the playing field where individuals, government and individual investors […]

6 Ways to Master the Art of Managerial Forecasting

What is Managerial Forecasting? Managerial Forecasting is a systematic technique of planning, which helps the management to cope up with future uncertainties. It mainly relies on the data collected from the past and present through trends analysis. What’s the most challenging part of being a corporate finance professional? Most of you will unanimously agree that […]

8 Ways to Building your Personal Brand on Social Media

Considering building your personal brand on social media is indeed a very good idea for both freshers as well as working professionals. It not only helps you showcase yourself across multiple social media channels but also feature yourself to a good extent. If you’re a fresher, building your personal brand socially can instantly connect you […]

10 Ways to Build Your Career

A powerful dedication to a lifetime of learning has a huge influence on professional growth that people experience. Building your career indicates that you are seeking knowledge and experience that will drive you and draw you into new places. The solution is to optimize your me-time by perceiving it as an opportunity to expand thought processes, execute diversity or bring about possibilities […]


6 ways in which Learning & Development can evolve with changing times

  The Boeing Company plans to spend $100 million on new workforce development programs. This would involve improving digital literacy and be understanding the trends that could impact future jobs within the manufacturing industry. Leading organisations in India should definitely take a cue from this. With so much technological disruption happening, employees need to go through constant upskilling or […]

2008 Sub-prime Crises

Suppose, you buy a house. House costs you, say, 100. Now, you only have 20 with you, so you borrow 80. 100 = 20 + 80 i.e. Uses of Funds = Sources of Funds Again, say bank pays 80 and expects a return of 10% from you. Suppose, you have to repay bank in a […]

Top 5 Companies that are grappling with Innovative Change

There were so many companies that were ruling their markets in the past, but now they are either no more or on the verge of extinction. This is due to the continued downfall of companies’ prospects as they could not cope up with new innovations and trends. Here are 5 famous companies that failed to innovate, because of which company could not […]