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Interview Preparation Guide: Best Job Interview Attire Tips for You

Our interview preparation guide brings you handpicked and best job interview clothes tips just for you. Even before you utter a word about yourself to the interviewer, you’ve already been judged. Wondering how? Well, it’s the way you’ve presented yourself at the interview venue. That is, the way you’ve dressed up and appeared at the […]

Accounting Jobs are not Glamorous Enough? Says Who?

Yes, accounting jobs are glamorous, if you didn’t realize that yet! The moment you say that you are into accounting, people think that it’s a boring job. Even if you meet someone in a glamorous surrounding in a snazzy outfit, they perceive it the same way. Accounting jobs maybe nerve-racking for many; however, it is […]

Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Your Resume

However, there are few most common resume mistakes exceptionally difficult to repair, like the once made on your resume. The only thing you can do after an employer has got it is regret. But there’s no point in crying over spilt milk. Hence, prevention is critical. Here are the most common resume mistakes people make while writing […]

Why is Wealth Management Career gaining popularity in India?

What is Wealth Management? Wealth Management career is a pool of services aimed at handling every aspect of the High Net Worth Investors’ asset base and helping it to expand. It involves financial advisory services, accounting & tax planning, estate planning, will drafting services as well as other matters that require expert advice. Wealth Managers […]

HR Hiring Process : 5 Trends Illustrating the Use of Technology

Use of technology in HR hiring process in India in nothing new. Job portals, networking platforms, job fairs, video interviewing and many such innovative mediums have eased the talent search woes since a long time. However, the dependence on them increasing by the day. Our earliest memories of recruitment were employment exchanges, classifieds in newspapers […]

Interview Preparation Tips: Body Language during Interview

Body language during interview plays a very important role in making or breaking your career. The expression “actions speak louder than words” holds very true, especially during job interviews. The way you present yourself leaves a significant impact on your interviewer. Everything – right from your outfit to your hairstyle, accessories, and all other things […]

5 Most Common Interview Questions for Freshers – for the Candidate

Here are 5 most common interview questions for freshers – things that HR managers ask the candidates about themselves. For freshers, facing your first interview is nothing less than having bittersweet feelings at their best. Not only are you too excited but also very nervous for those one-on-one interview rounds. The mixed feelings can modify […]

8 Simple Techniques on Improving Communication Skills at Work

Improving communication skills at work is an art that needs to be practiced with time. Let’s see important yet simple techniques to enhance your communication skills professionally. Good communicators are always in demand. Especially in the professional world, more and more recruiters are preferring candidates who are “excellent in communication”. Unarguably, communication and interpersonal skills […]

Corporate Training Tips: Game-based learning- Adding a refreshing twist

Game-based learning is becoming one of the hottest corporate training tips in the recent times. Let’s check how.. We all like games, don’t we? But, as we progress through our journey in life, these things just become childhood memories or leisure activities. What if games become a part of corporate learning and development? Interesting thought, […]

7 Ways on How to Become a Good Certified Financial Planner

A Certified Financial Planner is not just a professional but the most trusted aide of the client. While a degree or certification can get you the required qualification, there are certain skills which separates you from the rest. Financial planning isn’t just about gathering information from clients, synthesizing it and presenting them with a customized […]