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Machine Learning vs Deep Learning – The Differences & Similarities!

Following article guides you through Machine Learning vs Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence has so much to offer and it seems quite overwhelming learning about it. However, whenever you come across Machine Learning vs Deep Learning, it really takes a toll to understand the terms! You’re sure to have heard about machine learning and deep learning […]

IFRS Course: All you need to know about IFRS Diploma Certification

IFRS course by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is one of the most appreciated and respectable qualifications in International Financial Reporting Standards across the globe. The diploma course by ACCA is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of IFRS. This program helps you prepare you for Diploma In IFRS (DipIFR) examination. While preparing […]

Data Science Literacy: Is it only subjective to Data Scientists?

Data Science has drenched every domain – from finance and education to healthcare, social research and so on. Without data literacy, there cannot be any concrete analysis and finding. But if understanding and analysing data is only restricted to professional data scientists, wouldn’t the process be too restrictive? New-age corporates have realised the importance of […]

Auditing in India: Role of Auditors in Corporate Governance

If you are in tune with what is happening in the Indian stock markets, perhaps you already have a hint of what I am going to talk next. Let’s take a look at Auditing in India, an overview of the role of auditors in Corporate Governance. Talk about the default crisis at IL&FS, the much […]

Behavioral Finance: Definition, Meaning & Importance

Behavioral Finance is a field of study that studies individual and group emotions, and the impact of their behavior on the financial markets. This is a multidisciplinary field that includes clinical psychology, psychiatry, organizational behavior, behavioral economics, accounting, management and the art of judgement.   “To err is human, to forgive is Divine”, is a saying that we all […]

ACCA India Job opportunities, Scope & Salary for Professionals

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) exam is one of the most highly reputed exams in India. Over the past few years, ACCA India has managed to garner much recognition across the country. As the ACCA certification is new here in India, students are finding it difficult to decide whether it is a good […]

University of Cambridge Study: Analyzing Startup Success or Failure Rate

Let’s see how University of Cambridge study combined social media and transport data to gauge the probabilities of success or failure rates of a retail business. University of Cambridge study had researchers collect information from ten different cities around the world to conduct the survey. Their unique model predicts up to 80% accuracy whether new […]

Tricky Interview Questions: 4 Sly Responses No One Told You About!

It’s high time you prepare yourself to get familiar with the corporate culture and values. Here are few tricky interview questions you can expect, along with suggested responses to have you selected for the desired job. Heartbeat up. Adrenaline rush. Uneven breathing. Continuous sweating. All these signs represent various scenarios. But an interview session has […]

Business Analytics Tools: 5 Avant Garde BA Techniques You Should Know!

Business Analytics tools these days offer increased depths of functionality that can effectively function, even without a data scientist having to support them. Even the companies are developing advanced technologies to meet the need of the time. These advances have led to the popularity of business analytics tools to its peak. And a result, there are […]


Corporate Governance in India – Why is it so critical?

What is Corporate Governance? Corporate Governance in India is a set on internal controls, policy and procedures which form the framework of a company’s operations and its dealings with various stakeholders such as customers, management, employees, government and industry bodies. The framework of such policies should be such as to uphold the principles of transparency, […]