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4 Tips To Clear The ACCA

    People say it is not everybody’s cup of tea to clear ACCA at the very first attempt, but who says it is impossible. There seem many people who clear it at their first attempt or some could not, and a handful of them who clear it, is not because of their good luck, […]

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Subscription boxes: The Newest Trend in e-Commerce

Who doesn’t love surprises? Imagine a box being delivered to you at your doorsteps, which just takes care of your monthly, weekly or quarterly needs, in a way that’s fresh, unique and totally customized. Isn’t this thrilling? This is the latest disruptor in the start-up segment – The Subscription-based model. Gone are the days when […]

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5 Best Alternatives to MBA Finance

Post Graduate education has become a tad costlier in India. The recent news of IIMs hiking their fees by 5-17% has made MBA aspirants quite thoughtful.  Reasons for the fee hike may be many, such as inflation, autonomous administration, higher salaries for faculty etc. What’s more worrying is the possibility of other MBA institutes increasing […]

Why Do Organisations Approach Management Consultants?

For decades, firms like McKinsey, Bain Consulting, Goldman Sachs or Boston Consulting have been looked upon with much awe by global businesses. Ever wondered why? These are the companies which identify and solve some of the world’s most complex business problems. Whether it is related to mergers & acquisitions, launch of new products, expanding geographical […]


You can still be a CFO without CA Qualification!

Till the last decade, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) across organizations were involved only in the financial functions of the organization in the narrowest definition of the phrase. In such scenarios, it was not surprising to see that a lot of CFOs were Chartered Accountants (CAs). To understand the composition of the current CFO we need […]


Exam changes in CIMA

With the fast changing dimensions and requirements of the dynamic business environment, the needs of the business have also changed, thus effectively changing the needs of the employers. It is not only a challenge for the businesses to evolve with the growing market, but also for them to employ such people in their organization who […]

Tips to clear CIMA Gateway Exam

Since March 2015, CIMA has introduced a radical change in the Gateway exam by making it a case study exam from the usual question-answer paper that it used to be. From my experience, I believe the new assessment is to test the students on parameters/competencies which ensure that the students are industry-ready. The test in […]


How CFP Will Help You to Get into Financial Planning & Retail Banking

Life is all about dreaming & seeing your dreams come to life. What is your dream career? If so, It’ll be a great idea to acquire a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification. The CFP course is designed to provide you with a sound understanding of Financial Planning, currently one of the fastest growing careers not […]

Roadmap to CFP Certification Exam

A step by step roadmap to qualify CFP certification. A. REGULAR MODE Step 1: It is important to have a roadmap and fix a timeline to become a CFP. Usually, you can fix a timeline of 6–10 months to become a CFP. The Sanjivini to become a CFP is your disciplinary approach. Step 2: Introduction […]

How Management Accounting helps in Decision Making?

In the last couple of decades, technology has played a huge role in changing the business ecosystem. The use of computers and information management systems has made the processes faster and more accurate. This has led to changes in expectations from various professionals across the organizations. For instance, traditionally the accounting and the finance department […]