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A day in the life of a Wealth Manager

Wealth Managers are a part of the world of finance and investing: they need to manage the wealth of their clients by performing advisory functions of investing and planning the finances by understanding the needs of the clients. Since their clients may come from all walks of life and from various economic levels, they need […]

A day in the life of a Risk Manager / Risk Analyst

Risks are coherent in every activity, and businesses are no exception to this. Economic conditions, government regulations, fiscal policies, value of domestic currency, war, natural calamities, you name it, and all the outside environment influence the business. Of course, non -controllable risks are an exception, however, every business must analyze the controllable risks and try […]

Why should one do a DipIFR?

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) was introduced with the increasing need to have bring uniformity in the accounting standards while preparing the financial statements on a global level. Moreover, many countries including India have started implementing IFRS on a global level. If you’re interested in taking up a course in IFRS, and need to know […]

A Day in the Life of a Relationship Manager

A Relationship Manager has to mainly juggle his time in dealing with different clients, understanding their requirements, and selling the appropriate product to the client. RMs for a commercial bank have to remain updated with the bank’s products and communicate them to the target audience. A typical day in the life of an RM (entry […]

What Experts Say About Risk Management?

Risk Managers help in determining and assessing the potential risks, its impact, and measures to reduce it through various mitigation plans. In case, you’re planning to have a career in risk management, the following excerpts from an interview with our client will guide you. Interview with Mridul Sharma, who has 6+ years of experience in […]

Skills required For IFRS

The world has been shrinking to one place, thanks to globalization. Thanks to technology, communication of messages has become much easier. With these, even the corporate world was no exception, and globalization witnessed a rising number of mergers and acquisitions to obtain synergy benefits from each other. Considering this, there was a need to introduce […]

Details of the IFRS Program

To bring the accounting standards of all the countries on a global level under a standardized purview IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) was introduced. Since, many countries are converging their accounting standards, there is increasing demand for IFRS specialists who can guide them successful implementation of the converged accounting standards. The IFRS program (DipIFR) by […]

What Experts Say About CFP

Certified Financial Planner is a professional course that helps you embark in the specialised field of financial planning. Following are a few words from an expert, which will give you a brief insight about the CFP exam and the challenges faced during this course. Interview with Abhishek Somani, CFP, who shares his experience of the […]

ACCA Program Details

  A detailed overview of the ACCA program A global career in Accountancy ranks high on everyone’s mind these days. It is definitely a smart move to choose a career which prepares for senior level roles not only in India but across the world. So, for those who have an inclination towards financial accountancy, taxation, […]

Key Skills For Credit Analysts

Credit Analysts perform the pivotal role of analysing the creditworthiness, i.e., ability to fulfill financial obligation of any asset. This analysis gives vital information to stakeholders who’re contemplating investing in the project/organization. Obviously, the role entails a huge responsibility and requires a candidate who can understand multiple perspectives. Key skills for an entry-level role would […]