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Key skills for Managers in Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks are the backbone of the financial industry, and they act as a supporting vehicle that furnishes capital for businesses to grow. Moreover, the Regional Manager of the bank, has a very important role to play. Apart from leading his team towards achieving client satisfaction and developing the business of the bank, the manager […]

Who should do a FRM?

The FRM program is tough and also expensive (please see the fees below). If you are reasonably sure of pursuing a career in Risk Management, Investment Management or Corporate Finance, and also have a fair idea of your own abilities to crack the exam, you should give this program a try. If you are unsure, […]

Details of the CPA program

The CPA Program is the most sought for, considering its lucrative career path and salary associated with it. Following are the details of the CPA program. Subjects: Each subject is tested with a separate exam The subjects are: Auditing and Attestation Business Environment and Concepts Financial Accounting and Reporting Regulation Exam format: The exam is […]

Job Profile Of Credit Analysts

Credit Analysis is nothing but determining the credibility, i.e. financial viability of any project, firm or an individual. Suppose, Company A wants to start a new venture in an overseas geographical segment. For this, it seeks loan from a commercial bank to procure funds. Before the bank grants loan on the basis of project finance […]

Job Profile of Risk Manager

Risk management is essential thanks to the growing need of volatile market and economic up downs. The opening up of markets for foreign investors and rising MNCs also increase the need to analyze the risks and develop risk mitigation plans. Let’s explore the job profile of a risk manager. At the entry level, candidates join […]

Program Details of FRM

Financial Risk Managers (FRMs) are responsible to manage risks of their clients and advise them about achieving the optimum mix of risk and reward as per their capacity. Of course, risk managers are expected to possess knowledge of financial markets, products and their risks, economic conditions, etc. If you’re planning on pursuing the FRM course, […]

What is Financial Risk Management?

They say there is no gain without risk. In an ideal world, we would all love to have maximum returns for zero risk. However, risk and return are too often two sides of the same coin. Any event or situation that can potentially cause a loss (financial / reputational etc.) to a firm is termed […]

Key Skills Required For Risk Managers

Profit is an award for risk bearing, however, only a right degree of risk can prove beneficial to the company. Risk managers have this role to analyze the risks involved and develop strategies to reduce the risk potential. Every investor has his own set of goals and risk bearing capacity. Risk managers have to accordingly […]

Skills required for CFP

A CFP is a globally recognized course in financial planning, helps you stand apart from other financial advisors, given the additional edge you have since as a member of CFP. Moreover, if you’ve convinced yourself to invest time in doing this course, here’s what you should know about the course. A head for numbers Since […]

CFP Program Details

Certified Financial Program is the highest qualified professional course in financial planning. With rising awareness among investors about various investment options, increasing volatility, opening of foreign markets, CFPs are witnessing a rise in demand. If you’re keen on pursuing a course in financial planning, following are the details of the program: Subjects: • The subjects […]