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What is Equity Research?

In simple words, equity research is understanding and studying any equity or stock. Let’s understand with the help of an example: You have followed the stocks section of the newspapers religiously, but just can’t fathom which stock to pick or which of your existing stocks you should sell. Should you wait for your falling stocks […]

What is Corporate Finance?

Any rational person keeps tracks of his/her expenses and income. Money is the medium of exchange in modern economy and the financial position is a measure of your purchasing power. Similarly, any corporate office has to keep track of its finances, though its complexity and volume of transactions is much higher than an individual’s financial […]

What is investment banking?

Though the word ‘Investment Banker’, catches the fancy of many, however, many of us do not know what exactly does an investment banker do? Let’s simplify this with an example – Company A wants to buy another company to help grow its sales. However, it does not know where to begin, or how much it […]

What Experts Say About Chartered Accountancy Course

Chartered Accountancy is a highly sought for course in India, thanks to myriad of job opportunities available after completion of the course. However, needless to say, there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance in this course. If you’re confused whether or not to pursue Chartered Accountancy, the following expert guidance will prove useful […]

Who should do CA?

The CA course is no cakewalk. It requires rigorous studying, a very challenging articleship period of around 3.5-4 years as well as tough-to-pass exams. You should take this qualification up only if you are reasonably sure about your abilities to devote the time and efforts required for the course. Career wise, it makes sense to […]

Who should do an ACCA?

The ACCA is a large professional body spread across more than 170 countries in the world. An ACCA qualification is well respected in the industry. If you have a flair for accounting and want to pursue it as a career in a global context, it is a great choice. It is not necessary to be […]

Who should do a CFP?

A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) acts as a personal advisor for financial planning, assisting you in making short term and long term goals that are congruent with your objective. A knack and liking for personal finance, communicating with clients is quite necessary. A CFP is supposed to give financial advice to his/her clients considering the […]

Skills Required for ACCA students

Like every other financial course, ACCA course requires serious dedication on the part of the students, since passing a globally accredited curriculum is not a breezy walk indeed. Moreover, ACCA professionals have to work in a challenging atmosphere, which is subject to many changes. Before you invest your time in taking up this course, analyze […]

Job Opportunities for Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountancy is a highly revered finance course in India and passing the exams is no easy route. However, the fact that there is no shortage of job opportunities for a student after completion of the CA course makes it an extremely popular course in India. In India, practically, no door in the financial domain […]

ACCA Job prospects in India

Aditya was bonding with his father over a cup of morning tea and newspaper. While Aditya was in a relaxed mood, his father seemed worried. Unable to control his anxiety, he asked Aditya-“Son, now that your education is complete, what about a better job? Will you easily get one?”. Aditya, who had recently got his […]