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A Year after IFRS

IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards has simplified the entire accounting process for companies across regions and countries. A look through at how it has affected the Indian accounting standards since its introduction in April 2016. Influence of IFRS in India India adopted a single globally accepted accounting standard/format without much hassle. The new standards […]

Why should you learn IFRS?

  To answer why IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards, one must answer Why adopt an “International” accounting standard when we already have one. Here are a few important reasons:- –  Companies do not have to restate their financials as per each country’s accounting standards. This is so important in a global economy. –  It […]

CIMA – Strategic level exam – An exam guide

Strategic Level, the third and final level of the CIMA exams, often sends jitters across the candidates. This level focusses on making the candidates adept at strategic decision making. Naturally, the approach towards the examination will be different and more matured. Let’s take a look at a detailed conversation between a student and trainer to […]

Financial Modeling Student bags Analyst job @ Rs. 9.5L

Piyush K. an IMS Proschool student shares how he made it to a leading credit rating agency. In a one-on-one conversation, Piyush Kherdikar shares why he chose Financial Modeling and what he did to make it to one of the sought after jobs in the world of financial analysis. Congratulations Piyush! You’ve earned yourself a […]

Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management

Suhas was working as a plant manager at XYZ Xo., a tyre and rubber manufacturing company. Recently, the company was facing a serious issue on the supply and demand management. Clients were complaining about non-availability of materials at the right time, tracking of internal movement in the factory was not proper, and scrap materials were […]

Top 10 Data Analytics tools

The growing demand and importance of data analytics in the market have generated many openings worldwide. It becomes slightly tough to shortlist the top data analytics tools as the open source tools are more popular, user-friendly and performance oriented than the paid version. There are many open source tools which doesn’t require much/any coding and […]

Top 10 Data analytics companies to start your career

  Career in business analytics is gratifying and has seen a fast growth. Statistical methods, quantitative ability, logical thinking, business knowledge, data science expertise, managing ability and maintaining the resources are the skills needed to make it big in analytics today. Business analytics advancements in India has increased which gives huge employment opportunities for the […]

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics – Process and skill sets required  Quite simply put-“Data Analytics is the process of scrutinizing data sets in order to draw inferences about the information they contain, with the help of advanced systems and software.” But the reason that we are discussing Data Analytics here is due to the fact that it has […]

Understanding the basics of financial analysis report

  What is financial analysis, without a detailed explanation? Nothing. Any analysis, when seen in isolation, provides no answer to the target audience or clients. It has to be supported by research, the rationale behind the investment, sector update and finally the key takeaways and conclusion. In the research parlance, such reports are known as […]