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Business Analytics for Marketing Professionals

“Today, most organizations are thinking about marketing analytics — a CMO-wide lens on marketing interactions with customers and prospective customers. This broader lens has had to make sense of big data, which led marketers into machine learning, predictive algorithms and the beginnings of a lights-out marketing automation movement. The analysis is beyond intelligent — incorporating […]

Skills Required to do CPA

CPA is a highly revered accountancy course in the United States, who has the statutory right to conduct audits, quite similar to the Chartered Accountancy Course in India. However, passing this exam is not an easy feat, and requires a flair for continuous learning. Following are the skill sets expected from students who are undergoing […]

Job Profile of a Equity Research Analyst

An Equity Research Analyst has to study stock behavior and guide the client towards building a portfolio that is congruent towards their financial goals and objectives. They’ve to remain updated with the latest trending information about any particular stock and give relevant advice to the clients about the same. Thus, the job profile of an […]

A day in the life of a Credit Analyst

Credit Analyst’s job is to determine the creditworthiness of any individual/firm/project, He needs to understand the financial background, compile historical information, search for gray areas, if any, and try to make a correct judgement about the financial viability of the project. He also needs to understand the peculiarities of the industry and any updates in […]

What is IFRS?

Financial statements / reports form the backbone of Financial Analysis. Imagine a world where every firm had a different reporting format. It would be a nightmare to compare, reconcile and analyze companies, even in the same sector. This is why we have uniform standards for reporting. This was the practical problem faced in the current […]

What is Chartered Public Accountant (CPA) program

Accountancy is the backbone of any financial organization. It helps you determine the financial health of any organization, by compiling the financial transactions into consolidated financial statements. This information is vital for stakeholders to decide whether the entity is credit worthy or not. Even employees do not want to join any loss making unit. Thus, […]

Details of the CFA program

The CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) program requires rigorous and hard work for clearing the exams. It mainly involves study of financial instruments, portfolio management and equity research. Before taking a plunge in this program, go through the following syllabus – Subjects: The subjects are: o Ethical and Professional Standards o Quantitative Methods (only L1 and […]

Details of the ACCA program

The ACCA program is a globally recognized accountancy course that gives you an additional edge over regular finance graduates. Following is the curriculum of ACCA – Exams / Subjects: There are 14 exams in 14 subjects covering different topics in financial and management accounting. The exams are split into 2 levels – Fundamental and Professional, […]

Career opportunities after CPA

CPAs or candidates pursuing CPA can work in a plethora of roles across different industries and types of firms. Who doesn’t need an accountant? Some of the areas where CPAs can be expected to be gainfully employed are: 1) Accounting roles including: o Regular Accounting and Reporting This is the most regular job profile of […]

Job Profile of a Wealth Manager

A wealth manager performs myriad of roles: investment management, portfolio building, financial advisory services, etc. They need to understand the client’s financial background, his objectives, risk taking capability, requirements, etc. and give an optimum solution that best suits his interests. The job profile of a wealth manager involves the following – For RMs, the majority […]