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5 Fields Where Marketers Demand Data Science

  The Explosive collision of marketing and data science is moulding how we handle our day to day marketing tasks! Every single day passing by we are producing more data than what was created in the past. As humans, we are formulating an exceptional amount of data, with only a few people who can monetize this […]

Top 6 SEO Strategies That Have Evolved Big Time!

  Can SEO strategies ever get outdated? Well yes, and to an extent. Quite a good number of strategies used in search engine optimization have been marked as “outdated”, “terrible”, and “avoidable” in present times. Not to mention, just a couple of decades ago, they were being widely implemented and even brought impressive results. Following are […]

6 Artificial Intelligence Trends Driving the Automobile Industry

Artificial Intelligence trends are changing the whole world of the automobile industry, all the big players in this industry are striving hard to automate it with the help of AI-base technology to come up with the best. Artificial Intelligence helps devices to work and learn from the sensory data which includes sounds and images. If […]

How Do You Set SEO Goals for Your Team?

Without setting SEO goals for your team, you won’t get to know where you are lacking or standing strong. It is important that your SEO goals balance with your company as well as marketing goals, make sure to implement particular measurable metrics which you can manage to fix. Below are the few steps to set […]


Will the hype surrounding Blockchain technology fade away?

Did we just read that Blockchain technology projects are going to be shelved from 2018? According to Global Data’s Thematic Research report, as organisations become aware of the cost and complexity of implementing blockchain solutions, the hype and hoopla surrounding Blockchain Technology will recede. The early stage projects will be done on traditional approaches or […]

4 Basic yet Useful SEO Strategies for Better Rankings

There may be plentiful of useful SEO strategies you can learn and implement to improve your website rankings. They can be of very little use when you ignore the basics of SEO. Due to which, sometimes the results are not that satisfying. You may go on to producing awesome website content and do everything from […]

CFA Syllabus

The industry of finance works on trust, so Ethics is one of the most important subjects which one studies in all the three levels of CFA. Learning finance is about learning the business. So, let’s start a business – say, the business of bananas. Say, you buy bananas worth INR. 6000. Also, you bought a Cart […]

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Banking Sector

Technology has spoilt us big time; we are so dependent on it. From home to business we want to make everything automated to make our work easier.  Technology is banishing the traditional ways and taking all over, it has become the heart of our lives. To leverage maximum profit, it is important to form transformational […]

How does a Holding Company model impact its operations?

Leading cab-hailing app, Ola is all set to revamp its organisational structure. The startup is quite likely to follow the footsteps of Flipkart and go for a holding company structure. According to the new structure: Ola will now have a holding structure and there will be different companies under it. The company will now have […]

Top 5 Financial Technology Trends of 2018

2018 is the year of new technologies and innovations,  in this year we are seeing many key technologies like Artificial Intelligence; design thinking and the cloud replacing the older one. Here are five 2018 financial technology trends set to modify and innovate the industry. 1. Digital Transformation The changes and improvements in the communications and […]