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6 Ways of Promoting your Business through Facebook Marketing

Promoting your Business through Facebook Marketing is one of the best and most preferred ways of real-time social media marketing. Business owners cannot afford to miss all the goodness attached with strutting their stuff using Facebook. For one, Facebook is a hugely popular social networking platform with over billions of active users worldwide. Secondly, as […]

Blockchain technology to trigger a revolution in auditing and quality assurance

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has announced its plans to re-skill around 1.2 lakh of its members in disruptive technologies such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This is indeed a praiseworthy move by the institute. ICAI believes that Blockchain has the potential to impact auditing and accounting greatly and the […]

Top 5 reasons why India is a hot e-commerce destination

Every day we wake up to the news of some of the other company foraying into e-commerce space in India. Last week it was Google and now it is RIL announcing its plans to enter e-commerce through a hybrid model. These trends point out one thing for sure. E-commerce has huge potential in India. According […]

Data Science Recruitment in India 2018: Annual Survey by Analytics India Mag

In a survey conducted by Analytics India Mag in June 2018, hiring trends in data science and the available job roles. The Data Science Recruitment in India survey showcases variations in skill sets, work experience, and educational qualifications related to the domain. It also gathers opinions of hiring managers, job seekers, and students; for thorough […]

Most Asked Data Science Interview Questions on Linear Regression

It’s completely unacceptable to overlook the significance of data and our ability to analyze, combine, and contextualize it. Data scientists are relied upon to satisfy this need, but there is a lack of qualified candidates. If you want to be a data scientist, you are required to be prepared to impress considered companies with your […]

A Brief Understanding on Various Aspects of Careers in Finance

Here we guide you through various aspects of careers in finance, using simple examples.. What was the last thing you bought? Suppose you bought some apples. You have to go to proper market to buy apples. You cannot buy apples from a stationery or a dairy. You have to visit fruit market for the same. […]

How about a career in Quant Finance?

Financial securities are becoming increasingly complex these days owing to change in structure, valuation and risk elements. Pricing these securities is quite a tricky work, hence there is a lot of demand for professionals who can work on them. These professionals are expected to build mathematical models such that the assets trade at an optimal […]

What is Industry 4.0 and is India prepared for the change?

Source: engineering.com What do we recall when we first hear the term, “Industrial Revolution”? A term in our Economics or Social Science textbooks back in high school, right? It signified major developments in the world of manufacturing and technology, spanning between 17th to 20th centuries.  Who knew we could witness more revolutions in the times we are […]

6 Business Problems that Machine Learning Technology could help us Solve

Machine Learning technology has attained a distinctive fame in the recent years. Nowadays, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are developing their own Machine Learning Platforms. We don’t even realise that how Machine Learning has taken over our lives – we are using it almost every day! Let us take an example of Siri and Cortana which […]

Crucial Insights on Analytics & Data Science Industry in India Study 2018

Data Science has significantly made a rapid growth in India over the past few decades. The technology has been widely adopted by different industries like retail banking, finance, healthcare, eCommerce, etc. Many startups as well as established companies are coming forward to cater to the analytics needs of such industries, resulting in increased revenue generation. The […]