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2008 Sub-prime Crises

Suppose, you buy a house. House costs you, say, 100. Now, you only have 20 with you, so you borrow 80. 100 = 20 + 80 i.e. Uses of Funds = Sources of Funds Again, say bank pays 80 and expects a return of 10% from you. Suppose, you have to repay bank in a […]

CFA Syllabus

The industry of finance works on trust, so Ethics is one of the most important subjects which one studies in all the three levels of CFA. Learning finance is about learning the business. So, let’s start a business – say, the business of bananas. Say, you buy bananas worth INR. 6000. Also, you bought a Cart […]

Scope of Financial modeling

The scope of Financial modeling is increasing all over the world. Financial modeling is different from financial accounting & audit jobs. It is not necessary for an individual to have any formal degree to prepare a financial model instead, it is important to understand the business well something like the revenue drivers or cost drivers. […]