Bengaluru’s Data Science student wins an Artificial Intelligence competition

Abhishek Jaiswal, an IMS Proschool student feels strongly that his win at his IT company’s AI competition wouldn’t have been possible if he had no knowledge on analytics.

In a conversation with IMS Proschool, Abhishek confirms that a Data Science is one of the sought-after courses for a data developer/analyst to innovate new models by using the latest tools and techniques used by Data Scientists.

Kudos! We heard the big news, Abhishek, how does it feel to win the inter-group (US, Europe& India) competition?

Good! We (a team of four, that I led) worked on a classification model, we were given 16 data sets to choose from; we chose a Car Evaluation data set and started working on that. We created a classification model on algorithm Random Forest by using R language and for deploying the model we used We called the portal ‘Easy2Insure’.  Besides R we used Tableau for the visualization of the data set.

What does ‘Easy2Insure’ do?

The portal ‘Easy2Insure’ is created to evaluate cars for acquiring an insurance. The model has six features for a car like- buying features of the car, maintenance of the car, number of doors the car has, how many persons can be seated, the luggage space and it’s safety level. Based on these 6 parameters a car insurance could be predicted. We designed this model on R using a number of algorithms like Naive Bayes, k-Nearest Neighbors, Decision Tree, CART, C50 and Random Forest.

How many teams participated in the competition?

A total of 55 teams from US, Europe and India had participated from Platform Product Group, there were three places and and we stood first. Each of us from the team won Rs. 15,000 as cash price.

What would you owe your winning streak to?

Prior to the course, I wasn’t aware of a fantastic tools like R. Even though I am currently in just the second semester of the PG Diploma course of Data Science, I was able to implement whatever I learned in all this time on this project.

You’ve come a long way from being an Electrical Engineer to working at a Software Engineer at a leading consulting and technology driven company? Tell us how your journey has been.

There were no openings for an Electrical Engineer and had no alternative left but to find another option. I got through this IT Company as a Software Engineer at the campus placement. I had no knowledge on Oracle I had to start from scratch however our company invests time on training their employees for better results which helped me a lot.

As of today, I’ve worked with this company for more than 3 years (since 2014). Since I am working in the Oracle Database Admin (DBA), I really liked handling and managing data that is what influenced me to take up a course in Data Science in July 2017.

What made you think of learning Data Science (DS)?

Working on Oracle DBA was good, on this platform you get to understand a lot but there is scope to create something new. I felt I wasn’t able to get more out of what I was doing, I wanted to put my effort into innovating something out of the box. I love learning a lot of things, picking a course in Data Science is exactly what I needed!

Were better prospects or promotion among the top reasons for doing a DS course?

Frankly speaking, right now for me money isn’t an issue. My interest to do this course doesn’t lie on better prospects, it is to learn something new. Infact apart from the classes I attend for Data Science, I devote a lot of my free time too in research and creating something. After work I try to revise or browse lot of stuff on Data Science and various informative portals.

Why did you choose IMS Proschool to learn Data Science?

There were two things on my mind – one was the fees of the course, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an online course/class, unlike a classroom I find no seriousness in an online course and the second was the course content. The course content or curriculum of IMS Proschool was excellent as compared to the other data analytic institutes here in Bengaluru/Bangalore.

Would you recommend a Data Science course from IMS Proschool to anyone and why?

Most of my colleagues already knew I was pursuing the Data Science course from IMS Proschool. I don’t have to recommend now, it is now justified that the course has done me well. Before taking up this course, I consulted with my Sr. Technical Manager at my company and even showed my course content/curriculum; he too was impressed by the course and asked me to go ahead with it.

IMS Proschool congratulates Abhishek for his effort and dedication and wishes him the very best in his future endeavours!

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