Business Analyst jobs in India range from business architect, business systems analyst, and enterprise analyst to product owner, product manager, and requirements engineer.

Business Analyst Jobs in India: Responsibilities, Career Path, Payscale

In this article, we point out the various aspects revolving around Business Analyst jobs in India; including the scope, career path, and salary.

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis refers to the process of understanding business needs and designing apt solutions to particular business problems. These solutions often revolve around systems development, process improvement, strategic planning, and policy development. Individuals responsible for carrying out business analysis are known as Business Analysts.

What are the responsibilities of a Business Analyst? 

Business Analyst jobs in India require individuals to undertake and support decision-making with real-time analysis. They closely work with the upper management and provide support in the form of data-driven insights. The entire process lays a powerful impact right from product development to marketing and after-sales as well. Below are some of the responsibilities of a business analyst:

  • Identifying opportunities to improvise on various processes and operations involved in running a business
  • Designing new or modifying existing business systems or IT systems
  • Interacting with business stakeholders and subject matter experts to comprehend their requirements
  • Gathering, documenting, and analyzing various business requirements
  • Resolving business problems through technical-based solutions
  • Documenting functional and technical designs of business systems
  • Interacting with system developers and architects for enhanced operational effectivity
  • Testing the system and generating system documentations, user manuals, etc.

What is the Business Analyst Career Path?

As mentioned above, there is not a one single responsibility that a business analyst takes up. From being a well-versed communicator to analyzing data and even possessing technical and project management skills, business analyst job roles in India are much diverse. Business Analysts career path can be described as:

For freshers-

  • Product Analyst
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subject Matter Expert

For experienced-

  • Industry/domain expert
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Senior/ lead business analyst
  • Product Manager

What are the skills required to be a Business Analyst?

The Business Analysis program trains individuals to inculcate requirements management ability – one of the core skills of business analyst professionals. Devising technical solutions for business problems explicitly depends on defining, analyzing, and documenting the requirements. These requirements, when managed at the project level, prove to be very helpful for fulfilling business needs.

Business Analysts typically possess following skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership and motivating others
  • Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects within specified deadlines
  • Passionate to create technical solutions
  • Positive attitude towards changes
  • Impressive analytical skills
  • Very keen in business and business development
  • Good knowledge of IT

What are the leading companies offering Business Analyst jobs in India?

Irrespective of their structure, nature, or size, today, every company is on a lookout to hire well-qualified individuals possessing high-end business analysis skills. More and more companies are preferring business analysts who can effectively carry out activities like designing solutions, robust project management, improving efficiency while reducing waste, and documentation. A few such leading companies include:

  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • IBM
  • TCS
  • Wipro

What is the payscale of Business Analysts?

Business Analysts can be termed as the “most sought-after” job, having an impressive blend of analytical and business skills. Accordingly, the industry rewards business analysts with attractive pay packages. For instance, average payscale of senior business analyst can range from INR 8 lakh to INR 9 lakh p.a., while that of a fresher, it fluctuates from INR 4 lakh to INR 6 lakh p.a.

So if you love the idea of evaluating and analyzing data, devising solutions, managing multiple individuals while excelling at IT; the business analyst career can be an apt option for you.