How Business Analytics has evolved from Business Intelligence

In today’s modern day world, there is data generated from multitude of channels, which gives opportunities to derive insights that are useful to grow businesses. Words such as big data explosion, business intelligence, business analytics, data science, etc., have become buzzwords these days.

However, most of the times, there is incredible confusion caused due to usage of the words Business Intelligence and Analytics, which are often used interchangeably. While aim of both these terms is to help the management in ensuring efficiency and productive decisions, their approaches are quite different.

While all these terminologies differ, development of user-friendly tools has ensured that there is more and more evolution in the field of data, making it simplified.

A frequently asked question is what exactly is the difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.


Management Information Systems (MIS) Business Intelligence (BI) Business Analytics (BA)
Use of computer systems for efficiently organizing and managing information. Usage of technical tools and techniques to gather, analyze and present data in an efficient manner. Predicting future on the basis of past pattern of behavior.
Collection of useful data Visualization of data, data collection and reporting Data Crunching and answering questions.
Assist managers in taking efficient decisions. Helps in achieving operational excellence. Building strategies that are data driven by deducing information, predicting future performance.
MIS Executives, MIS Analysts, MIS Reporting Business Intelligence Analyst, BI Consultant, BI Developer Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Business Analytics Manager
Decision Support SystemsOperation Information SystemTransaction Processing System
Scorecards,OLAP,DashboardsData Visualization
Predictive Modeling,R, SASText Mining

The difference between them can be summed up in this manner –

In short, business intelligence indicates a rear view mirror which depicts what is there and analytics is using this information to predict what will happen in future. According to these predictions, management can take appropriate decisions. Thereby, we can say that Business Analytics has evolved from Business Intelligence with advent of tools that could enable users to predict future patterns based on historical data.