Career opportunities after CPA

CPAs or candidates pursuing CPA can work in a plethora of roles across different industries and types of firms. Who doesn’t need an accountant? Some of the areas where CPAs can be expected to be gainfully employed are:

1) Accounting roles including:

o Regular Accounting and Reporting

This is the most regular job profile of any accountant, however, CPAs are supposed to be key performers as they’re experts in this field. The CPA exam is no cakewalk and it requires high level of expertise and study to clear this examination.

o Accounting Forensics

With the rising instances of accounting frauds, which leads to losses for millions of investors, the demand for forensic accounting has been increasing.

o Business Valuation

The acquiring company needs to value the business before investing in any other company. They need to analyze the revenues and future earning potential, plus the financial viability of the acquiring business, so as to ensure a fair value for buying the shares of the other entity. CPAs can venture in this specific field.

o Personal Financial Planning

With plethora of investment options available, and rising interest of laymen in financial planning, the need to hire experts in this field is increasing and CPAs can perfectly fill in this job role with their proficient knowledge in this field.

o Tax Consulting

Planning taxes is a part of financial planning and CPAs can guide their clients into effective tax savings, which will ensure timely payments and reduce litigations.

2) Other Areas

  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Treasury or Cash Management

Thus, CPAs have a lucrative career path with a high salary and growth opportunities. THey have many industries and avenues open to explore, and the need for CPAs will never die. This makes it a highly popular course in the United States.