Careers for Women --  Balancing both - work and family

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”, is a proverb we all are familiar with. This was a poem by the eighteenth-century poet, William Ross which finds its true manifestation in the present age.

The poet emphasised on the fact that motherhood is a force that has the power to change the world. So true!

In India, the moment a woman becomes a mother and shoulders the responsibility of the family, she is perceived as powerless and passive in the outer world. She may be the one who has rocked in client meetings, bagged prestigious contracts, led projects or won many professional accolades, but the moment she goes the family way, naysayers dampen her spirits.

“Should I get back to work? Whether to prioritise family or work? How do I balance work life? Am I doing justice to my kids?” are some of the questions that plague every woman’s mind. Sometimes it is the larger family who dissuades her and sometimes she is stuck in self-conflict. The result? Professionally bright women who could have contributed to the society and world at large is lost in the crowd.

But in today’s time, we can sense that change is coming. There is a change in mind set of the companies, families and women themselves. They want to carve a place for themselves in this world while nurturing their families.

Thankfully, due to technological advancement, it is now possible that women can now balance both worlds. Remote working, gig economy, Flexi-timing are some of the factors that have supported this change.


Some of the career options that women can opt for while balancing their families are: 


Freelance Content Writing:  

Due to the emergence of the digital economy, many women are increasingly opting for content writing. This is something that can be pursued from home or remotely. Whether you are from any niche such as Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Travel & Tourism, there is immense scope for web content writing. If you are in love with words and well-versed with search engine requirements, content writing is your forte.

Corporate Trainer

Training fresh incumbents or experienced professionals to fine tune their leadership qualities, problem solving, team building and decision-making skills is an important task. Hence, there is high demand for Corporate Trainers. This profile can be pursued as payment per service basis; therefore you can opt for training sessions as per your schedule. You can also choose to be self-employed, partner with HR Department, or take up part-time assignments with leading companies.

Graphic Designer:  

No one likes static content. A website of digital content with quality graphics is a must-have nowadays. If you have an artistic streak and want to see it transpire on screen, you can give graphic designing a shot. There are many institutions which can train you to be a graphic designer, so just choose the best one. With some experience and a good portfolio, you can launch yourself as a graphic designer and work from the comfort of your home. This job is very lucrative as well.

Digital Marketer

We live in a digital world and marketing through digital channels is a must these days. This career option has immense scope and there are companies looking for Digital Marketing consultants to handle their account. As a certified Digital Marketer you will be driving the marketing attempts of the company through social media, email, blogs, apps and optimizing it to the search engine.

Personal Finance Consultant:

If you are intrigued by the vast field of Personal Finance, you can make a mark as an expert financial advisor. To get a professional validation, you must pursue the Certified Financial Planner Program. After getting certified you can choose to work with individual or corporate clients as their financial consultant. After some years of experience, you can train budding advisors, author a book or organise educational seminars for individuals and corporate.

Virtual Teacher:  

If you were a teacher by profession but had to quit midway due to family commitments, there is good news. You can continue your profession by giving lessons/lectures online. There are many e-tuition portals wherein you can sign up, pass the eligibility test and choose to host lectures in any subject at your convenient time. This way you can have a clientele without the boundaries of city or country.

Recruitment Consultant

Scouting for the best talent is a cumbersome task and very crucial for the companies. That is why many choose to outsource it to recruitment agencies. There are some companies who also consider individual recruitment consultants. If you have a good base of contacts, have wonderful networking skills and access to key personnel in any particular industry, you are most likely to be an ideal recruitment consultant.