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Accounting Jobs are not Glamorous Enough? Says Who?

Yes, accounting jobs are glamorous, if you didn't realize that yet! The moment you say that you are into accounting, people think that it’s a boring job. Even if you meet someone in a glamorous surrounding in a snazzy outfit, they perceive…
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How Management accountants can leverage Business Analytics for better decision-making

Avinash is a Management Accountant for the past seven years with an MNC and is hailed as one of the most competent employees. A person whose analysis and strategies are quite appreciated by those at the helm of the company. But things have…

Can finance professionals co-exist peacefully with AI?

Automation in the financial space by way of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing new today. It has been around for some time. Some finance professionals have embraced it gracefully, while some still live in fear of losing their jobs.…
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Accounting Jobs are Boring. Says Who?

Accounting jobs are often synonymous with boredom. They are comprehended as sitting at one's desk, going through boring books of accounts and financial statements and doing calculations. An accountant is just perceived as someone who…
MBA Finance Alternatives
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5 Best Alternatives to MBA Finance

Post Graduate education has become a tad costlier in India. The recent news of IIMs hiking their fees by 5-17% has made MBA aspirants quite thoughtful.  Reasons for the fee hike may be many, such as inflation, autonomous administration,…
Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting: All that You Must Know!

What is Financial Accounting? Financial Accounting is a system whereby an entity’s financial information is gathered, accumulated, analyzed and presented in standard formats. Every economic entity normally has a goal of value maximization…
Investment Banking and Finance
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Top 5 Jobs in Banking and Finance

The world as we must be aware is in a constant state of change. This holds true, especially for the financial domain. Finance, one of the most important departments of any corporation has changed considerably in the last decade.A few years…

All you wanted to know: How to do CIMA Course in India?

    The CIMA Course (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) was founded in the UK. It is a proficient institute that is renowned all over the globe. It gives aspirants training to obtain CIMA qualification. CIMA course…
Tax Consultant
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The Evolving Role of a Tax Consultant in The Global Arena

We are nearing the end of March and most of us are busy running to tax consultants for the last minute investments. Someone said death and taxes are inevitable. We tend to get very jittery when it comes to taxes. For us a tax consultant…
Fintech Financial Technology

How to make a smooth transition from a traditional financial role to FinTech?

It is quite an established fact that technology is changing the face of finance. In our previous post we have seen how Big Data and analytics have become an integral part for a finance professional. The union of Finance and Technology has…